The Simpsons Quiz

The Simpsons animated sitcom is celebrating 21 years since it made its debut on US television.

Bart and his dysfunctional family are household names around the world but how much do you really know about the goings on in Springfield?

Q1 – Who created The Simpsons

Q2 - What was the name of the first full episode of The Simpsons to air in 1989?

Q3 - Who first gave a voice to baby of the family, Maggie Simpson

Q4 - What is the name of Comic Book Guy’s shop

Q5 - Which singer performed for Homer and Marge while he was shackled to the stage in an episode from the fourth series?

Q6 - What is the name of Bart’s best friend?

Q7 - Lisa Simpson has celebrated one of her birthdays twice - which one?

Q8 - The Simpsons was first brought to life for which US TV series in 1987?

Q9 - What is the name of the drink that Homer invents?

Q10 - Why are there no photos of Maggie in the Simpson house?

Q11 - What school do Bart and Lisa attend?

Q12 - What is the name of Mr Burns’ assistant?

Q13 - What is the name of Ned Flander’s shop?

Q14 - What is Homer’s middle name?

Q15 - Who does Lisa meet on the roof of the Kwiki-mart?

Q16 - How does Bart get into a school for brainy kids?

Q17 - What band plays at Moe’s when it’s known as ‘Flaming Moe’s’?

Q18 - What is the neighbouring town to Springfield?

Q19 - Why did Homer agree to call Bart ‘Bart’?

Q20 - In what country did Bart cause America’s embassy to flee?

Q21 - What TV show did Bart recognize the Babysitter Bandit from?

Q22 - What is the name on Bart’s credit card?

Q23 - Who shot Mr Burns?

Q24 - How does Homer get the booze to Moe’s?

Q25 - What type of tree has been on the boundary of Springfield for generations?

Q26 - What is Lisa’s middle name?

Q27 - When prohibition is re-introduced to Springfield, who is the “Beer Baron”?

Q28 - What news does Homer force Ned to admit at church?

Q29 - Who did Lisa date for a while?

Q30 - What is Chief Inspector Wiggam’s wife called?






A1 – Matt Groening

A2 – Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

A3 – Elizabeth Taylor

A4 – The Android Dungeon

A5 – Tom Jones

A6 – Milhouse

A7 – Her eighth

A8 – The Tracey Ullman Show

A9 – Flaming Homer

A10 – Homer has them at work

A11 – Springfield Elementary

A12 – Waylon Smithers

A13 – Leftorium

A14 – Jay

A15 – Paul and Linda McCartney

A16 – Swops his papers with Martin’s

A17 – Aerosmith

A18 – Shelbyville

A19 – Because it didn’t thyme with any insults.

A20 – Australia

A21 – America’s Most Armed and Dangerous

A22 – Santos L Halper

A23 – Maggie Simpson

A24 – In bowling balls in a network of pipes

A25 – A lemon tree

A26 – Marie

A27 – Homer

A28 – That he’s a pensioner

A29 – Nelson

A30 – Sarah