The TPR BoincStats Page Parser

Ok, so here is where all news regarding the parser will go, and releases will be announced in here.

All development ideas and suggestions should be posted here, and I will use it as a project history, editing posts as things are added if deemed possible and/or benefit.


Newest version release 1.05 9th October 2005

Added column headers to each league
Added an “about box”
Added a header and footer to the output

Version History1.04
Additions of a parser for the combo stats page, and additional links to that page and the project Rosetta@Home.
Copy output to clipboard button added.

The combo stats one doesn’t give any stomp info. Is there any way to get it to create a database or something? And compare it to last week’s database to give a stomp record?

at the moment the clue is in the title - it just takes the html and parses it to create an output that is nice for the boards formats.

If I was to do a stats “site” then yes, I would add the stomps. I’ve been talking to Willy from BoincStats about doing such a thing and how he collates the enormous xml project and team files from the Boinc projects.

Not saying it can’t be done though using this little app. We’ll see how my workload is end of this month.


Thanks for the updated DT, mucho goodo :thumbsup:

The hardest thing about doing the news atm is figuring out stomps etc, obvously people get upset if you don’t mension the stomp they have been working hard on. If news was done every day then the website would do that for us i guess, but i think that news every day, even if it was do’able, would be too much…

No worries DT. I’ll see if I can play with an excel file with the output and compare like that for the minute.

How do you feel about your app being used by other teams for their websites?

no problems with that at all Link - just be nice in your stats that you report that you mention where it came from :smiley: Also Willy from BoincStats would like a link as well as it is his “core engine” used.

Just those two things really, the crunching community should be working together for things like this, yes we have fun races but we all have the same aims.


Yep. To be in the #1 position. :smiley:

One request then; include the Overtake field? Could be nice to know for those that don’t read the tables everyday. Maybe generate interest in applying more power? :wink:

In light of the following:

just be nice in your stats that you report that you mention where it came from Also Willy from BoincStats would like a link as well as it is his “core engine” used

Maybe change the header on the generated section to:

[b]News Prepared Using [DT's Silly BoincStats HTML Source Reader]([/b]

and the footer to:

[b]Based on statistics from [Willy's]( pages[/b]

edit: Okay. I thought the <code> tags were supposed to not parse HTML/PHP commands? :confused:

not to worry Link - I get your meaning :smiley:


reminder to self for the combo parser VIRTUAL TEAMS !!! :smiley:


some of those easier ones I will do tonight, but I am looking at a complete new solution using the pure project XML files, with html output for a stattomatic, but an offline parser rather than server script so ANYONE can run a stats site from the XML.

I’ve had a look at all the php scripts about and the sites that are about all over the web and feel that my skill base is best suited to doing it this way. There is a little known url for a compressed version of the seti-stats that I have dug up from viewing all the available scripts. is not viewable in a browser, but does have the info required for team stats and is not part of a 160Mb+ full users.xml

I may be a bit quiet on the boards over the next few days and I think Ogame is going into vacation. :slight_smile:


Very cool.

No worries. Great job!

Sounds good DT, looking forward to the results :slight_smile:

Show’s in my Browser :wink: That should be very easy to work with for team stat’s
I may even think using that url that my parser potentially could work on that.

Now if I could only remember where I stuck all that old php work :frowning:

on closer inspection that’s Seti Classic stats though PMM.

You want


well its grabs the xml

but PMM can’t remember how to sub filter the list :frowning:

quick update to the original app done :slight_smile:


:banana: I have workable output :slight_smile:


Well done PMM.

Is that just the SETI stats?