The TPR Logo for Boinc Poll MKII

The TPR logo to be used in any form after MAOJC and his donation logistics get sorted. There are some logo’s on the Boinc page already, so its about time we sorted this. So, after the previous thread I’m taking these images as the final entrants. It was mentioned that two versions would be usefull, just like any banner options you get from affiliate sites. One landscapeish and one portraitish. Many comments have been said about the images, everyone has an opinion. I think we need to put in a special clause for the Space landscape ratio for a pending re-size to suit the current logo sizes that have appeared on the Boinc homepage.

Without anymore rambling by me, the images

The “final” printed t-shirt design

The current TPR logo


MadDragon custom MAOJC sig



Spacey Sig

Spacey Design for Different Aspect Ratio


Let the voting commence :smiley: I think a fair end date will Monday 30th August, 7pm BST.


just a little bump so those that view by the new posts button get to see the poll :slight_smile:

No :spam: here, move along.


I would like to be the first to say, congratulations to Spacey for his design winning the logo we are to submit to the Seti site in recognition of the donation of hardware by Maojc.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: