The wetter the better

Just off to Snowdonia to do some walking. Rain hats at the ready :wiggle: :smiley:

I have a Gore-Tex jacket, Gore-Tex trousers, Gore-Tex Gaiters and Gore-Tex lined boots and gloves that I use when walking on Snowdonia. Funny enough - I stay dry as a bone :slight_smile:

Enjoy - it a beautiful area and the walking/climbing is superb. Which route are you doing?

yep very nice place to walk…:slight_smile: only done it once back when I was in school :slight_smile: it was fun :smiley:

Well were safely ensconced in Llanberis. Just visited the local curry emporium and we’re all ready for a good walk tomorrow. Not sure where we will be going yet Alta but I’ll report back tomorrow :slight_smile: We are all ‘Gore-Tex’d’ up apart from me who needs a new coat. On the way here we went through Bets-y-Coed (sp?) where there were masses of outdoor shops. A visit to here will be taking place in the morning cause I need a new pair of craghoppers too :slight_smile:

After a expensive trip to the outdoor clothing shoppe we are all now more water tight than a ducks @r$e. Walked the Llanberis loop today and are heading up Snowdon tomorrow. We were planning on taking the train up and walking down but since its £46.00 one way I dont think we will be bothering :o

How did you do?

Has been a while, but i did the Pyg track, up and down snowdon, a while ago. Sent the obligatory postcard home from the top, just for the postmark :smiley:

Had a really great day when i did it, hope it was as good for you :slight_smile:

seem to remember taking a box of snow back home, just for those that didnt make the journey :smiley:


I loved it there…we clibed to the top and it was hammering down…but I still had a smile on my face…I must do it again sometime !!

any pics ??

The Pyg track is for wimps :stuck_out_tongue:

I go the hard way - straight up and along the ridge to do the entire horseshoe :slight_smile: :eek:

Snowdonia in the rain is for wimps!!! :smackbum:

Try the Lake District in snowy conditions, much much more fun!!!

Skiddaw ( in white out conditions), Scafell, Green Gable, and Hellvelyn (Via Striding Edge) all done in snow, and without the wimpish accessories of walking poles and crampons.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yesterday we did a walk round a lake. It was apsolutely hammering it down. All the kids did was complain. Today the weather has been great. We walked up and back down Snowdon to the half way point. My boys are 5 and 7 though and I think they did great :slight_smile: I would of loved to do the summit myself but I dont think it would of been fair on the lads. There is no card reader on this pc in the B&B so I’ll post some pics when I get home:)

If you wanted rain you should have come to where I work in Leek staffordshire on the
edge of the peak district :wink:

Only 101mm so far this month. 33mm of than on Monday was certainly a fun day driving
through the flooded roads as the rain rolled off the fields to the degree that the drains
could not take strain.

101mm, is that all?

Up here on the western ege of the Lake Distict we had 90mm in one day a couple of weeks ago :eek: