Things I can do one handed at Mojos ?

as per title,

what can I do?

starter for 10, drink

put songs on juke box :smiley:

do one handed cartwheels?
or one handed pressups
or if ur tired one handed origami :stuck_out_tongue:

u could also play darts :slight_smile:

double up with DT for a game of pool …

both drinking - he has the cue hand, you form the bridge, job’s a good un :smiley:

use your video camera

Eat a mix Grill

It wasn’t his Peige, it was mine & Gaz’s digi cameras he knicked last time :lol:

Here’s a thought for you Dammo…you gonna ask Martin & Bev to cut up your food for you before it comes out of kitchen? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do all the things you can do at the moment one handed :deal:


Put the flake in any pint I pull :stuck_out_tongue:

Put makeup on a mod?

urinate! (although andy seemed keen to help - which was worrying)

I was going to say play darts with DT, …but on the other hand (no pun intended) forgetting about darts, either try to score or keep score.

Play “Aunt Sally”

walk back and forth from the bar bringing pints to everyone in need!!!

You could get an old style tatoo, bone pounding:)

Train Tyson ?

NB: Use the correct arm

Install vista on something random every night :devil:

Get beer for everybody;)

well one handed you can hoover polish put plates cutlery away serve dinners mop brush floors :stuck_out_tongue:

Im only joking :s please dont hunt me down lol

LOL of course im keen to help a fellow member :D.
All do anything for a scooby snak and i mean anything!.