thinking of retiring seti

Been running boinc for quite a while now… got half a dozen crunchers or so.

I can’t remember the last time I had a seti unit on any of them… over a month I’d guess.

at least LHC is behaving


I keep getting fortran errors with LHC. And seti is behaving, I’ve never had an issue with work. Have you got the “old” beta url ?

I’m still sticking with CPDN, the validation process rocks (you do work you get credit), and after watching the storm chaser thing on Beeb2 last night about the prediction of twisters I still love the thought I am helping with this sort of research.


I seem to be running all 3 quite sucessfully but 75% CP atm. Like DT I enjoy the thought of running this project. The explanation of what its all about on the site is very good too.

Running seti and lhc here on this machine with no probs at all and seti on the other 2. All using the latest seti/lhc/boinc releases. Although the credit system for both projects does seem irractic they are both plodding along nicely.
But that said if you are having probs with seti then theres a good group of other projects to choose from that are all worthwhile doing in their own ways.

I know there’s some later releases I need to try… just frustrating when I’ve not been able to get a single seti unit for soooo long

Crikey Neal, you sure know how to kick a man when he’s down :lol: Neal can do it then you must be a complete fool not to be able to do it :lol: :Poke:


(just in case meant in jest :wink: )