This and that

Stats tonight. (for sure)
Also been slowly putting toghether a Docking and TPR promo video…
Should be ready for first look for opinions and editing this week.
I took some photos and qoutes from members here. So when it is ready I will need you all to give the A OK before we make it public.

Have some great new drugs that are helping me stay awake!
Looks like I will be having surgery in St. Louis in about four to six months.
They are going to cut about half of each lung out to slow down progression.
Bad news is that Medicare most likely wont pay for this or a transplant because this is a genetic issue, and will just come back. Yet it is going to be fought.

Been doing a lot of work on the site, and major uploads will be tonight.
Now have a dedicated IP and put all section that require input under a SSL.

There is going to be a forum in about a week, need some Mods and members to get things rolling if anyone is interested.
Sneak peek:

Have a new sponsor that may be coming aboard to help move things forward.

Oh gee there is so much going on! Now if I can just stay with it.

oh, and lets toss Parkinson’s on the body malfunction too. Shake rattle and roll:D

Ok go crunching!

Looking forward to the promo Heidi.

Err… Don’t you mean medicaid? - thought medicare was for the over 65’s :slight_smile:

Had a bilobectomy a few years ago myself. Unpleasant, but bearable. I suspect they don’t mess around with your ribs nowadays. To be honest, it helped a lot, so, good decision.

Couldn’t you get it funded under someone’s research budget, being genetic an’all?

Got a message from a mate with advanced Parkinson’s the other day. He doesn’t control it very well ('cause he’s naughty) and he decided to make some cakes. Sent me some photo’s of his kitchen and himself afterwards. I fell off my wheels laughing…

I’ll peek at The Cube :slight_smile:

Nope medicare if you are disabled and on social security. Then you can be any age.
Yea I never even had a thought about the P word, just chalked the mild twitches as medication problems. Ok back to work… fell a little behind schedule.

I’m still waiting for the ‘other’ isn’t the phrase, “this, that and the other” :Poke:


Oh I got your other mister:D