This is doing my head in - wireless

OK try this one peeps.

I have a wired ADSL router/modem linked to my network. It carries all the traffic in & out.

I have just purchased a wireless firewall router, a Netgear FWAG114. I stuck this in between the existing router and the internal network, told it to DHCP from my existing router (after reconfiguring existing to 192.168.1.x), and gave it an address of the same as the old router.

Wired connections to the internet through the new router are fine, just had to open a few incoming ports for all to work.

Put a USB wireless adaptor on the shuttle next to the new router, configured with WEP keys etc. and disabled its onboard network. All OK, 54 meg connection via DHCP, shuttle happily connecting to network and internet. I’m writing this now on the shuttle.

New laptop with built-in wireless sees the wireless network by SSID and after the same WEP configuration pulled a DHCP address from the new router (valid) and connected.

Here’s the rub. From the laptop I can connect to the internal network fine and mount shares etc. I can ping the new and old routers ( and I can ping by name and it resolves and pings.

But it won’t open any web pages. Not the router management pages, TPR, google, nothing. IE just says “unable to connect”. But the shuttle configured exactly the same way does. I’ve even tried disabling the onboard wireless and using a USB adaptor of the same model as used on the shuttle - no joy.

Windows XP Pro, IE7. Any ideas?

Hmmm, sounds like the browser itself. DNS is working, the route out is correct. The return route works.

Try installing a different browser and give it another shot.

Yup, I’m with Juggy.

IE7 :kickbum:
Firefox 2 :love:

Came to that conclusion myself, rolled the laptop back to factory default and all is well. Downloading Firefox now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys.