This seems a good idea!

I quote from IRC: (we’re discussing what to do with the stuff from my b*tch of an ex)
[21:59] <jonty|home> a bar stool sale
[21:59] <Apex-> good one jonty
[21:59] <Apex-> pick summat to burn ?
[21:59] <jonty|home> anyone got any rockets - we could turn the teddies into astranouts…
[22:00] <Speedo> lol
[22:00] <Preecey_> ask TFW
[22:00] <Speedo> that sounds like a good idea
[22:00] <Preecey_> he’s the local pyromaniac
[22:00] <Speedo> find someone with a videocamera to record it, and i’ll send her the videos
[22:00] <Apex-> jonty|home
[22:00] <Apex-> pure class m8 !
[22:00] <Apex-> :smiley:
[22:00] <Apex-> Speedo
[22:00] <Apex-> your on !
[22:00] <Speedo> woot
[22:00] <Speedo> who’s coming over with fireworks
[22:00] <Apex-> stills too :smiley:
[22:01] <Apex-> dunno
[22:01] <Apex-> best start asking
[22:01] <Apex-> :slight_smile:
[22:01] <jonty|home> hehehehehehehehe :EVIL:

… I think the fireworks is a good idea, who can bring fireworks, who can bring a videocamera etc ?


Gaffa tape here :smiley:

Apex’s teddies are joining the astronaught list too, anyone else ? :p.

Top Man.

Get it done.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: