This weeks LM project summary

As Sir Bob-A-Job has had a bit of time off, I thought I would do a much needed recap on the weeks events for the LM project.

We now have our own stats pages, from a combo of work from Jeff and Tony from what I can recall - link

Now - for new LM members, we now have 42members in our NUMBER1 Lifemapping team, Radar is with us with 4units, mackeral [tpr] has joined us with 13, andyu has also joined us and currently has 34units, and our fourth joiner for the week markONE who has already completed 121units. :thumbsup: and :wave: to you all !

And of course, one little bit of sad news - Barcode has moved onto different pastures, sorry to see you go BC, but please dont be a stranger. (you only went to prevent me stomping you :p)

OK - so now for movers since 24th August, this may be right - may be wrong, either way its darn close.

(oh and btw, using last nights stats run)

The top 8 not moved - all been heavily completing units, but no stomping to report, but that may change… [TPR] Goody600 has flown up from 17th to 9th.

Ciccio has been on walkies past Nigma and Sir Ulli, and close on his heels, slow_one anything but slow, has completed what looks like a 200+ units a day average, to leap up the lifemappers charts from 28th to 13th. Top quality going :thumbsup:

Jimwyser has been :sneaky: quietly passing Mulda

preecey and efaill have found the stomping boots, what is very :cool: about the stomps from these, is they are coming form a 56K modem. Anyway, they get gizmo and bob-a-job.

Mrs Balrog appears to be making great use of the extra laptop, from what I can work out, getting gizmo, bob-a-job, PMM and REJr - cool

KYOGRE stomps past Richard Ellis Jr into 24th place

lab_boy has been let out the lab and goes stomping to celebrate - gatekeeper, ReikiMaster and brucie all under the test tube scrutiny now.

markONE has made great progress for a noob :stuck_out_tongue: recording 9stomps since joining

andyu is in 37th position after joining us, and nice times, 34units in 5h43min

My apologies to anyone if I missed anything…please feel free to add any events which have ocurred this week that have effected the LM cause.

So after reading above, maybe should note that DT’s machines are all crunching away - a bit half and half though, and from the 6th to the 13th Aug - they are all going seti for a VT-Darts dumpathon !!


Thanks for the summary DT! :thumbsup:

Thanks for doing the summary DT it was much appreciated:thumbsup:

Also thanks to Jeff & Tony for the stats page:thumbsup:

Thanks for doing the summary DoubleTop. Great Job

Nice week overall I would have to say! :nod:

Thanks for the summary, DT :slight_smile:

Pretty good week with one mahoosive exception :frowning:

Thank you for the summary Mr.Dartsman :cool: