Three 3G wireless broadband

Anyone on it? On paper sounds ok, £10/month for 1GB/month, £15/month for 3GB/month and £25/month for 7GB. All above at 10p per MB over allowance.

This compares with my current T-mobile’s web & walk pro which for £20/month has some woolly “fair usage allowance” with some warning system if exceeded. But it also has “no voip or messaging” small print which is a pain.

Just wondering what Three’s data coverage is like. In a decent built up area speeds over 1mbit are obtainable on T-mobile.

Ooh, one further thought, I wonder if Three do any image compression? Images going over T-mobile are dynamically recompressed by them and look noticeably worse than they should, although it does offer a chance to reload at original quality. I guess this is to save bandwidth but I could do without…

this is an interesting thread… or well post… let us know what you choose in the end

I don’t wanna mess around switching this close to Christmas hols, so unless I hear any good reason not to, I’ll switch to Three in Jan. I believe Three are currently upgrading their network to enable faster speeds, so it wont hurt to wait a little more. Ooh, just read the small print, it’s a 2 year contract! The T-mobile one was 18 months originally which I got to reduce the data card costs. At least Three throw the USB dongle in at mid package and above.

It should be obvious but I’ll say it anyway, if you go over bandwidth on Three, that’s equivalent to £100 per gig. So I guess that’s their incentive for you not to leech everything on it, and pick a big enough package which is nudging me from the low package to medium. I never got a warning on T-mobile so I guess I’m not clocking up 2GB a month on that.

Just don’t do This


Hehe… that’s gotta hurt. I think mobile phone and net companies need a good pimpslap over small print conditions.

BTW, on the Three tariff of 10p per MB over allowance, you’d have to go some 400GB over to rack up some £40k or $80k worth. I’m not sure I downloaded that much in a year (average over 1GB a day).

well mobile BB is on its way to me. i went for the £15 a month option will let you know how i get on…

and no i wont go over my limit i will just be more carefull