Thx DT for making a fab weekend

Back home :smiley:

Many thanks to Malk and his boss for allowing use of their office… And on behalf of all for making the get-together possible, was very nice to see all and chillout the way its men’t to be :slight_smile:

Much fun

3 cheers for Malcolm :trophy::trophy::trophy:

not a problem :slight_smile: I’m just glad that everything went as well as it did for a first event. I’m sure that a second one will happen, just as soon as the office expansion plans are complete and things in work life are settled.

Bully has just left, the office is back to operational state, my machine is back home so for me it’s only just ended really :slight_smile:


yeah thanks mate, was a realy good laugh - hope you didnt have too much fun saturday night without me?!


nuff said

yup, thanks to DT for arranging this little shindig was a good laugh :slight_smile:

Ta for arranging the weekend Malcom. Hopefully we can arrange it not to coinside with a religious holiday, thats rugby to everyone else :smiley: