Tiggers last stop

This is where Tigger finally expired.
Next to a Stop sign in the carpark of El L’idl with Gibraltar in the background.


Was there any decision on Tiggggerrrrrs fate ?

I was going to nip down and try to fix it but flights are stupidly expensive at the moment due to Valentines day.

The pikeys have probably stripped it by now anyway

Tigger isn’t dead yet but the discussion regarding its possible engine conversion has reached a conclusion.
Its storage area is going to be re-developed so its moving, hopefully much closer to home.

Just had a quote for, six plug leads, a coil pack and a starter motor… 508 Euros plus delivery

Scarily expensive! :smiley:

ouch, and unless you’ve been working on it - the shopping list is probably a lot larger than that as well

I’ve got local storage organised, under a promise that I wont work on it with power tools.
Which of course I wont do until the engine runs.

It is in a sorry state, six months parked by the sea has brought out the rust and much wire brushing is needed.
Everything that isn’t rusty is covered in Gibraltar sand but mechanically it looks just as it did all that time ago, just needs a bit of a wash.

These engines are perfectly rebuildable if you can locate parts, if money was no object it would be done to This level but I’m going to stop at the valve seats and get it running again.

I have found a local company that can rebuild the valve seats, ALL I Have to do is remove the engine block

Now all I need is a transport company that can give me a quotation that doesn’t make me just hang up on the spot.


no power tools :cry: wire brushing that beast by hand could be a rather slow process - brakes seized or is it movable?

By time a 30 tonne winch has dragged it out of storage I suspect the brakes will have freed off, the clutch feels like a different story though.

A low speed cordless drill and a cup brush should chew through the grot in a neighbour friendly manner
http://www.screwfix.com/p/drill-carbon-steel-wire-brush-set-3pc/13734 <- might need a bulk pack

Hey DT, I drove past the A303/A34 junction today, it still remembers you, I think there is a BMW driver somewhere that does too


I had erased that particular memory - or I thought I had

Did you have an incident there DT? I don’t remember you mentioning it

7 years ago, where did that go, i’d love to be able to help fix her up but on the mechanical side i’m sure there’s not a lot i can help with, my knowledge level is just as bad as it used to be with mechanics. A paintbrush and light manual labouring is about my level of competence. glad to hear it’s still about and not just tonnes of metal in a scrapyard.

There is no guarantee my knowledge is any better but I take the view “Its broken, whats the worst that could happen?”

I have a manual for an engine rebuild, provided they will deliver to the UK.
If I get it running again I’ll let everybody know, Tigger crew get first dibs on a road test.

DT was suffering from smoke inhalation, Tigger caught fire 30 feet into the departure from TFW Towers.
Malc blew out the flames and breathed in 50yr old canvas + bitumen smoke, after a while he understandably chundered vigourously, a BMW played catch and everybody except the BMW driver laughed.

:lol: Didn’t hear about that or I missed the post. Glad he got over it :smiley:

me or the BMW driver :smiley:

OMG blast from the past always wondered what happened to Tigger would be great to hear of a success story of being brought back to life.

Whatever you had for dinner has proved rather durable :slight_smile:

I have the prefect accessory for Tigger