Time for a prune?

Our member stats vs our active stats look silly and must put people off and think the forums are dying out.

I propose a prune:

All accounts banned > 6 months ago
All accounts where post count =0 (not exactly a contributing member)
All accounts where last post > 12 months ago

I don’t know how difficult this would be with the forum software, or whether my metrics are the right ones, but something needs to be done surely??

There are a lot of names in the listings and some I don’t remember seeing at all. The only possible issue could be active team DC project contributors, who may not be active on the forum, but are still crunching for TPR. Do you remove them too?

the forum software has a not very aggressive auto prune, and it is an easy thing to do. Of course, there is the other option of removing the total numbers off the template.

But then again, a prune would ease the bots that go through the profile pages.


Even a DC member will at some point surely have one post to their name, to say Hi, to thank one of the stats blokes, something? If they haven’t ever posted will they care? I doubt they even come on the forums if that is the case.

All accounts where last activity > 12 months ago seems better to me (if that’s even possible with the auto prune). I’m sure there’s more than AtopperUK who check the forum now and then but haven’t posted in over a year…

yes that is doable

/edit - some prunage done, 500+ users gone who were in “awaiting user confirmation”, and I’ve edited the cron job that runs to remove them earlier now as well


DT, as for the bots that go through the profiles, is there a way to set things up that you have to be a registered member of the forums in order to view the profile of other members?

already set that way P51, does not stop a real person registering then later on letting the bot log in.

Well then, is there a way to identify the user that a bot is using and then delete that user so the bot can’t login anymore?

it’s not that big an issue, the server is on an unlimited bandwidth tariff :wink: