Time moves on

I miss the old days, do you. Lots of friends gone, water under the bridge and all that…

Wonder what their all doing now?

Can you believe it a member for 22 years!!!
Glad you guys are still here, sorry feeling nostalgic.

hey Dave,

Still here, still meeting up at the LAN every few months for a good time. Forums are quiet though, but will remain as long as possible.

Today, feeling old and tired after some days travelling for work, a damn good job it’s Friday


Good man.

Yep i will pop in from time to time, i know what you mean about the admin but i too will keep my forum going to the day i die and beyon​:+1::+1::+1:

Thought I’d log in and say hi and noticed I wasn’t the only one!

How are you all?

given it was LAN weekend, the word from Doris the Wookie is “recovering”

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I came looking for old photos to show the Mrs but forgot the old forum was gone lol.

Sure I had this Convo already couple years ago :joy:

All good here, keeping busy, good to see you Andy :grinning:

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Good to see you dude!

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Still breathing and tinkering, just struggling to find the time.

Fireworks are not what they used to be, I have to buy twice as many to annoy the neighbours.

haha so its you!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: