Tired of Winter

It’s not even the new year yet and I’m already tired of winter. So far we’ve had record low temperatures (-25F) and a record amount of snowfall for the month of December (28 inches versus 21 inches set in 1916).

There are winter storm warnings for the area and we could end up with another 6-8 inches of that white stuff by morning. As of now, I don’t believe in all the hooey you hear about global warming. If it was warming up, we wouldn’t have all this d*** snow.

Why the rant?? Had to buy a new snowblower in November because the engine on the old one (at least 35 years old) siezed up. Now the new one is in getting repaired (bent impeller due to ice/rock) and I wont be getting it back for 1 to 1 1/2 weeks and I don’t like the idea of shoveling all that snow we are supposed to be getting.

I must admit, I miss snow.Seems we don’t get any around here anymore, poss. due to global warning. :frowning:

You know what they say, “Why not Minot? Freezen the reason!”

North Dakota is Damn Cold this Time of year. Was bare foot outside yesterday watching the Solar guys work! We did get a frost Sunday though. Bit the plants kind of hard.

As of 7 am this morning, we have set a new record for the amount of snow received for any month. 32 inches so far for the month breaking the old record set in March 1975 of 31 inches. It’s still snowing and there is still tomorrow left.

cheer up ya miserable so and so :wink:

over here I run with the theory that the seasons are getting later every year - summer and winter seem to start later and last longer into the year… might just be me though.

well, We here have been sat in a puddle of freezing fog for about 4 days now, the weather doobrit on vista said it was -11 C last night, it looks like we have had a frosting of snow but it’s all just frost that has frost that has frost! too cold to snow. I wish it would.

popular misconception - never too cold to snow :wink:

know what you mean about the frost though - looks like it’s half an inch think, bad biking weather :frowning:

I’d like to see it snow at 0K.

The weather has been cold recently but only today has the overnight frost not shifted. I’m wondering if I can be bothered to get down the local park with a camera later…

my awsome plans for the day have been sunk by the weather, was gonna meet up with spaceboy and ride out for a pub lunch somewhere, damn you jack frost!

took a frosty foto


Wish we could get some proper snow around here… atleast id have some nice winter pictures to take :slight_smile:

oh and the schools usually close so it would be a nice paid day off :slight_smile:

Just got back from park. 'tis a bit nippy out there. The light frost coating gave everything a different feel from normal. Lake was partially frozen and the ducks weren’t impressed that I didn’t bring any bread today. Got a bit trigger happy and will sort out pics once I’ve defrosted myself.

Gonna be cold out for New Years this evening… Going to be fun driving back from my night out… (I’m taxi driver for the night…no money = no drink = £50 taxi from mates :D)

In case the DWP are reading, that’s covering my petrol, not benefits fraud…:sneaky:

was thinking about this a little earlier today, the cold snap in the UK is actually a good thing in many ways. There is no longer a bluetongue threat, the cold has killed the disease and the carriers that came from over the oceans/seas. Many other animal diseases have also been affected because of the cold, the harshness of the winter makes many affected animals snuff it as they are generally weaker.

+the best bit - it gives us something to moan about :smiley:


should crack the garlic bulbs in the garden nicely too :thumbsup:

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;431917]… the cold snap in the UK is actually a good thing in many ways … the harshness of the winter makes many affected animals snuff it as they are generally weaker.


Oh cheers sniffle DT, that makes cough me feel so much sneeze better mate :smiley:

… goes for another Lemsip :tiphat: