Title query

My nephew Ben and his girlfriend Sandra have just had a little baby girl (Rose, 6 pounds in weight).

In this situation what is my title? Am I Grand Uncle or Great Uncle, like Great Uncle Bulgaria in the Wombles? :confused:

Any ideas?

think that would be great uncle

oops, forgot the congrats part
there you go :slight_smile:

Yep, you’re a great Uncle :smiley: Do you feel old yet? :lol:

Congrats to your nephew & his better half :clap:

OLD! I feel ancient :chuckle: Means two more presents a year as well now!! :smiley:

Great Uncle…and once the nephews/neices have kids you stop giving presents to them, but you focus on the new Babies…

I have been caught in this loop for years, and well I can tell you if you continue you’ll go broke!

Cheers Guys! My brother is popping over to Manchester on Saturday and so some pics should follow hopefully.


congrats mate :slight_smile: