To save being done for SPAMMING...I'll post this "only once"

Welcome to all ex-SzDaLimit members…glad you made it over here. :thumbsup:

I’ll add my welcome to those that didn’t see my post from yesterday that’s allready dissappeared off the first page :):eek:


Hello all :wave:

I’ll add my “Welcome!” to all the new recruits too, I was aawy playing 5-a-side football last night so haven’t had a chance to read the forums till now (am at work)… can’t believe the incredible influx of new members :eek: :smiley:

:wave: :alan: :wave:

Blimey, to save my self a lot of effort I’ll just post WELCOME here instead,

Welocme all :wave:

Had no net access for a few days and come back to 4800 unread posts. Welcome to all the peeps that have joined recently.


/guessin MAOJC will be placing an extra large straight Jacket order

cant have these peeps hangin around the cantina without the uniform :smiley:

Glad you could Join us.

Well now for the obligatory cantina tour.
Straight jackets are on the right and the beer is straight ahead.:nod:

You will see in the areas clearly marked as Cuddle Zones and a man in a rubber suit handing out cuddles to all who venture into his domain. :cuddle: Be afraid! :scared:
This would be SPEEDYJ of course. You are more than welcome to approach him but do so at you own risk. :lol:

welcome to all new joiners, i may give up on the welcome threads, its hard to keep up with because theres so many of you…

so here’s a big welcome for you all



I moved from that other team to TPR.

I felt so disgusted that he was closing it down I moved all my WU to TPR.

Also as he seems to lack the decent attitude I have been emailing all the old team members and warning them of the impending closure.

Here is my email I have been sending out.

"This is a hard email to write but Michael has decided to cease the team.
Its a shame as he would not take the offers of help which were given for whatever reasons he had, it was his choice.
I have left SkzDaLimit and as a recruiter who organised the team effort feel responsible for some of the actions, quite unlike the team leader.

May I respectfully suggest another team to join as at the end of this week the team will be disbanded.
Its a really crazy bunch called Team Phoenix Rising.
Made up of team members of other teams that have disbanded.
Here is the like to the Berkley page to join.

If you do not join this team have a gook around some others in the top 200.

Its been fun and busy over the last 3 years but now the team is dead.

Move on and get on with your crunching.

Kind Regards


I have managed 170 emails so far starting from number 1 downwards.

I beleive that Olly is starting from the bottom.

I will do to 250 members and see if I can get a few more.

Major Pimpin there:Pimp: If only half join us I forsee a busy forum. and Major crunching. And major falling back for the lower end crunchers. Hey wait a minute thats me!!! ahhhhhhhhhh

A Huge Welcome to our wonderful home.
Good work Allen, I can imagine how much work you put in to
help your fellow team members.

Everyone is equal here and this is a team of equal members.
We are friends here and have fun, thats what keeps us mad :spin:
I mean sane :stuck_out_tongue:

And Ian_D :nono: You must learn to :spam: :smiley:

I got up to number 230 and have called it a day.

The majority of the people left in SKZ have inactive accounts.

I still feel responsible for being behind the recruiting of em and think I have beaten myself up enough about it.

Debt paid in full.

Last emails sent out 5 mins ago.

You (and olly) have done (are doing) a great service to ex_Skz and TPR m8 :nod:


Very well done Allen and thanks for recommending TRP, I am very pleased you like it around here.

Welcome to everyone. :nod:

welcome peeps :wave:

Originally posted by Ian_D
[B]You (and olly) have done (are doing) a great service to ex_Skz and TPR m8 :nod:

:thumbsup: [/B]

Well said Ian…

This thread reminded me, I had an inactive old account over at Skz - only 94 wu’s but they all count eh? They be here now.

Neal - I see you’ve still got one over there…

…and I can’t remember his e-mail address since it was my account for testing Neals new P4 2.4 OC’d rig. :frowning: