I was going to…

[ul]Drop some network cables from the loft to my office[/ul]
[ul]Take down the light fittings in the hall ready for the decorator tomorrow[/ul]
[ul]Clean the car[/ul]
[ul]Cut the grass[/ul]
[ul]Take the empty gas bottle back to the garage[/ul]
[ul]Take a load of rubbish to the tip[/ul]
[ul]Touch up the paintwork in the lounge [/ul]

Im actually sat outside in the sun, lappy on the patio table and a Stella in my hand. There is absolutely no chance of any of the above being done :smiley:

phew - I wish, still going with the kitchen, putting in the electrics now for the spots beneath the cabinets.

Next job = cut the nasty bit - the worktop around the sink :scared: at the price for solid beech worktop, it’s a must get it right cut.


um well Ive just walked the dog can now feel my back peeling off…having a nice cooling break with some peach Cider from Ikea right now …trying not to spill any as its 90p a can :open_mouth:

off to play pool later on in the g/f back garden…

then bright and erlie tomorrow about 6 ill be leaving for work…My brain will catch me up at about 12 :lol:

I won’t ask what you are doing to Stella in public :eek:

Ive been at work all day you slackers!

whos fault is that!

personaly i am waiting for spaceboy to get home so we can take my new bike out to a carpark for some well needed practise before my full test…

yep been working from home for about the last 4 hours, need to have data collected and presentable by tomorrow from 1500 servers! only missing about 78 but they are taking a killer long time. have tha dataq colletion set at 20 minute timeout and still no response from some. Nasty, gotta be hammering them.

I’ve been really ill and in bed all day. Could be alcohol related. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been to Leicester. Picked up a few parts for the MR2:

Pair of driveshafts
Pair of headlights
Couple of other odds and ends

Cost me the princely sum of £5 after I got a bargain on the gearbox (£1.99) through eBay - He then let me take all the other stuff as he was getting rid of it so gave him a fiver as I couldn’t bring myself to hand over just 2 quid for all that stuff.

Been sat round next door most of the day drinking beer, sitting in the sun, drinking beer, having a bbq and drinking beer…tis what sundays were made for :smiley:

Had a BBQ, no beer though as its not allowed onboard. No pics this time, but got a small mobile movie of when they did a test drop of a lifeboat from the rig ( will post when i get home)

Spent the day paintballing…Mate marshalls there and we got a group of us locals Vs a stag do that came from London…

I’m now nursing about 7 large brusies on back, 2 on legs and a nice big one on my elbow…

and on that note I can conclude that airsoft really does hurt less than paintball :stuck_out_tongue:

Peach cider ?, you mincing poof :eek:

you should try it :wink: refreshing!! :stuck_out_tongue:


i like the ikea pear cider myself


/sidles out the door

Me sees typo thanx to phlame…pear indeed it was… or was it peach…I dont know

But I know how to find out… lets go buy more :slight_smile: :wink: :devil:

:lol: :lol: rofl Neal

maybe you also get the wrong label and no bottle top :smiley: :smiley:

I was supposed to work today, but couldn’t get the car started.