Today's the day

Well today’s the day when my shoulder gets fixed… gonna join Dammo’s gang and have some metal work put on the old collar bone (pin & plate). Back out tomorrow though, then off work for 6 weeks… not looking forward to that.

Hope it all goes well TG and that you’re not in a lot of pain :slight_smile:

:xfinger:s for you TG. Hope all goes well :nod:

Good luck with the OP, dont envy you that bit.

But, six weeks off I do envy.
This mean your not working around the 28-30th July…?

All the very best for the op and post-op.

Good luck tank girl hope all goes well i will be thinking about you and hope you have a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

Yup, good luck and a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

Good Luck TG :slight_smile:

Just means we have to find you a new nickname now… Dammo’s already nicked ‘metal-mickey’ :lol: :wink:

oops… did i forget to tell him? :lol:

Thanks for all the luck peeps, well as you can prolly tell I’m back out. The op went well even though it did take a little longer than then thought it would… apparently my collar bone was a bit of a mess, but like I always say if you gonna do it, do it well huh…

So now I have 6 weeks of being able to do nothing except improve my tan if the sun ever makes it back out.

Just dont get sun burned, rubbing that after sun stuff in with only one hand is a real P.I.T.A.

Trust me on that one

Glad to hear it went ok TG now just you sit back and let ppl do things for you :wink: milk it for all its worth :stuck_out_tongue: