Tonights Entertainment

The Chinese is ordered, the red wine is opened but we can’t decide which Bond film to watch :shrug:

Goldfinger :nod:

Alcohol is here but not yet opend.
Off to a fancy dress party later should be good fun. So far I know there’s going to be a Tankgirl, tony blair, Hunter S Thompson and me as Mike from Spaced :smiley:

Tankgirl :wink:

I love fancy dress parties, we try to have a decent fancy dress party evert Hallowe’en which is such a good laugh :slight_smile:

Front of the house from last year’s bash, that’s me looking like a Count at the front door :stuck_out_tongue:

Just realised we’re out of wine, just polished off the last bottle :cry: Oh well, there’s always the JD :glug:

Nice :slight_smile:

Think my costume went well cos I got recognised as the guy from Spaced a bit :smiley:

Here’s the last fancy dress I went to :smiley:

We watched the spy who loved me btw

Hey, nice outfit Deaky …

… but who’s the ozzy lookalike ?

:lol: :lol: