@ tony

Hey mate - fancy a race to 100,000? :slight_smile:

Sounds like fun :slight_smile: Tell me when its starts, Ive 1 machine to dump:)

On your marks… get set… Go!

Starts from now! :slight_smile:

spOOn :uhh: whats your name on seti I cant find you

I think his seti name is scotty2hotty.

ty :slight_smile:

just passed 70k :slight_smile:

/me gets comfy, opens beer and watches the race :driving:



I will join DT

(restarted seti crunching)

According to BOINCStats I will overtake you in 34 days… see here

But you are generating 28,739 per month and are 26,680 away from 100k (about 28 days?)

Me thinks me needs to get a crunch on!

(sp00n opens up his new Xeon 3040 and shivers with glee) :slight_smile:

guess I’ll look around and see if I can find some more power somewhere :Plot:

Pretty poor performance from me over the past couple of days - moving offices :frowning: But now we have (almost) everything back up and the Xeon 3040 online, so Hopefully I’m gona eat into your lead a bit more :slight_smile:


I should have just passed 80k :slight_smile:

he he, looks like I’m back up to speed! watch your back tony, I’ll have you within a week at this rate! :slight_smile:

looks like you will get me soon :frowning:



90k I just added another comp to see if it will help :xfinger:

90K Muahahahaha:)

I’m pushing as hard as I can.:sigh:
But its just me and my farm at home:spit:

:whiteflag: Looks like you will overtake me today :slight_smile: