Top funny sayings by teachers

Hi ppl here is a list of the top 15 funny things said by my teachers.

  1. Why has David got a cereal box on his head this is a maths lesson.

2.Mr Dobson: Mathew won’t stop looking at Alex what do you say to that
Mr Holmes: Hmmmmm HOMOSEXUAL

  1. If any of you fail this course then you have permission to shoot me so i don’t have to do this crap job anymore

4.Stop making your pens fight you stupid ginger mokey

5.You are doomed to fail and you deserve to fail

6.Get those diagrams drawn before i shove this compass down your throat

  1. Get a haircut you hippie

8.Wake up you bunch of faggots

9.You are cutting your own grave

10.Sit down Daniel i am not going to help you i am sure you are getting beaten for a good reason

11.The seat is calling to you can you hear it?
No miss

12.I can’t get things wrong i’m a teacher

13.You’re cruising for a bruising

14.We dont care about homework do we Mr Blyton we have a life we listen to the rolling stones

15.You’re a loser and a faggot

if any1 has any more or generally funny sayings please post them so they can be put on my website (which is currently under construction)

where did you go to school…the 1930’s?

no now am in Yr11.
its hilarious

i left school last year and very glad to see the back of it…how are u finding glorius year 11 tthen?

tedious but not long left to go
i have sat an ict exam and got an A and a B in ict coursework
also a B in Geography DME