Top Rosetta Cruchers on 6 July 2016

1 placidsheep 29,249

2 The_Saint_(LDS) 3,555

3 TheFiend 2,660

4 Galexy98 1,848

5 Monitor-Man 1,011

6 M.D. Petermeier 763

7 Egad Ivegoninsane 478

8 morpheus 423

9 spirit_of_the_sixties 124

10 empty

Great to see some sort of stats again on the forum M.D :smiley:

I keep moving some MC’s around to start doing other projects but Rosetta seems to be my go to every time :slight_smile:

I’m still popping in some Poem@Home and SETI results when I’m on, but work is taking over at the mo :frowning:

Thanks for the comment placidsheep.
I agree, I have liked the stats as well. I have enjoyed the task although it could use some polishing. I have been in the hospital for the last week and have not been able to post stats. I am out now and hopefully can post a little something to read.