Top Tips - 2021 edition

The old top tips threads are flat lined and I cannot add to them although my curiosity inspires me to investigate AVPIN :devil:

So, in this always connected, working from home, covid-pocalypse era there are sometimes things that are “nigglesome”
One such niggle is a VPN that shuts down when the screen locks, changing these settings is not well received, I wont dwell on how that became apparent.

So its Top Tip Time!

Create a text file in notepad and drag in some text, I use this
It looks a bit business related.

Arrange all the windows where stuff is or might be happening so you can see email, popups, your syslog tail windows, myspace grooming channel etc.
Shrink the notepad window so it is on top but out of the way.
Put a heavy thing on a cursor right key and do stuff on your more interesting PC.

If anything kicks off, take the heavy thing off the cursor button and fire back your speedy response.

This is especially important on Friday Afternoons, the favoured time for “Responsibility Tennis”
A clear email, sent early doors is often slammed back into your court just after lunch.

Without a screen lock to hinder your return volley, it is very likely you can get a response in before the OutOfOffice shield is engaged.

“per my last email” - normally shuts them down :smiley:

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