Toy to try

Read the guide here

I’ll be playing with this one as well :lol: Might save some of you who are using machines with HD’s to crunch and are “scared” of linux a bit in leccy bills :smiley: When in crunching mode, just set the HD power down value in the bios and set to lan boot.


Nice find… might have a play over the weekend


If I have a go at this…how do I monitor the clients progress?


I would kind of presume that the backup file is a snapshot of the ramdisk, I’ll let you know on Tuesday :wink:


Did you ever figure out how to monitor the clients once they were going?

It looks good in that you only need one Windows software licence. One query I have, how do you use network boot to start the diskless nodes? Do you use a boot disc or do you run it from the f8 key using the network option and if so, how?

@ Droid: you win this weeks Curly’s guess of the week (and it is a guess) :wink:

iirc, you set the options in the bios for the network(nic) to pxe boot, anyways on boot up it looks to the server for the files to boot, loads them in ram to create a ram disc, starts crunching and every so often the server/software will take a snapshopt of the ram disc and saves it on the servers hd. probably got it all wrong. but someone (DT) will probably be long shortly to put us right.


Looking at this thread here…

you can point the browser at that client and watch the fun. each client has browser access to its stats.

So thats how you’d check the stats then I guess…

As for netowrk stuff etc, it looks like you might also have to select an option in BIOS, something “like boot even with errors” to get it to boot up still without mice, keyboards and screens…

Oh and his website has some other nice little apps…

should be an option halt on no errors or similar


Pretty spot on Curls :thumbsup: The important bit is the tftpboot
This serves out the image to machines that request a network boot, it loads and there you go. I never did get round to trying it and I’m slim on hardware at the moment until pay hits the bank and the sell off to live of the past couple of months can get new kit :smiley:


Well got it running! :smiley:

well impressed :slight_smile:

Only thing was, couldn’t get a PXE network boot so used the Folding CD generator.

Looking like it’s working…

Gotta wait 2 hours for it to see if it’ll save the data to my server (ie this rig :p) or not.

good to see it works.

Top tip of the day: a re-sized pic fits the screen so much better :wink:


Point taken :wink:

First lot of data appears to be on the server! :woot:

Now I’ll play move the client around later and thus turn it off…we’ll see if it starts work on the same stuff

Shame it’s only a 500MHz Celeron… 1hr 15mins a frame for p775