TPR Academy

Following on from the thread I created regarding Runescape and a ‘safe’ area for the littler uns to chat, I’ve had an idea :idea: will host a very basic Drupal installation with a link to a forum on here that I will set up with hidden properties for a specific usergroup, in a similiar manner to the hidden games forums. The difference will be that members in the “academy” usergroup will not show on the memberlist, or on the online list, or have permission to post anywhere other than our little sandbox.

This makes sense to me, firstly getting the children into the TPR community :devil: at an early age, and having the security of the TPR mods who I trust wholeheartedly.

So the aims, the kids in the age range 7-12 find online gaming and are playing together in a ‘clan’. A lot of parents still don’t completely understand the internet and with all the scare stories about privacy and grooming etc etc, I was asked if I could provide something for the group of friends.

Using TPR as the ‘backend’ as we have a licence seems the best choice for me personally, and with the .eu domain beings 95p on 123-reg also the cheapest. I expect/hope we also get some of the parents to join, possibly even crunch for the team as they will want to be checking on the kids occasionally and although they know and trust me (fools), I expect they will want to look at how TPR works and the trust I put in the mods and members.

With the groups system, it will be very easy for ‘hide’ the academy and so most members will not notice anything, maybe an increase in numbers as the parents join :smiley: :xfinger:

Are there any objections to using TPR for this purpose? If so, I’ve no issue in using another method for the chat area, but I will still be using tpracademy as I’ve brought it now and the kids thought it was cool!! :cool:

Thanks for inputs.


Sounds like a good idea to me, using the shelter and knowledge of TPR to help them along. Lets face it, they will be doing this anyway but this means they can get more organised and be part of a community.

:thumbsup: from me.

Sounds fab DT :thumbsup:

Question though - what’s Drupal ? :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea :thumbsup: Will it just be for runescape though?

well the little group of kids that Daniel is in are playing Runescape at the moment, before that it was binpets and before that is was miniclip and a “my high score beats yours” :lol:

So, in answer Hids, no - just a controlled site/group where the kids are safe.


An excellent idea I think DT. If it encourages young 'uns to get involved and their parents too, a great benefit to the TPR community as a whole. :nod: Well done m8!!

Cool DT :smiley:

sounds good to me.


Another thought…will the forum only be for this group of friends, or will other children be able to join?

fully open with a full COPPA registration, but we need to be very careful for obvious reasons.


Okies, no worries :slight_smile:

Interesting… like the idea. Will there be any educational help if they need it.
anyhow count me in if you need any help.

possibly Vortex, open to ideas and the name “academy” opens all sorts of possibilities.

I’ll implement the forum rules at some point this week.


I’ll throw some thoughts your way this week.

Sounds good.

If I can be of any help let me know. A truely great idea.

Hmm do I start runescape again now… If I do look out for Nilk1000 when online :slight_smile: