TPR at Amazon

I had too many windows open and entered ‘team phoenix rising’ in the Amazon window instead of my search engine and got this result…

Phoenix Suns: Rising to the Top with the Team of Oddities"

how did they KNOW? :confused: :wink: :rolleyes:


Think they have us down to a T :chuckle:


I resemble that remark. :nod:

That is a monolithic signature…


monolithic = too large, too regular or without interesting differences, and unwilling or unable to be changed

To what are you referring ? I see no big singular signature, all I see is :x:


i was kind of wondering the same DT i see the same as you lol
not that i had a clue what the word ment anyhooo :frowning:

MC have you swallowed a dictionary for your breakfast this morning :stuck_out_tongue: