TPR Christmas LAN 2021 - The Big One!

Get down to a LAN party with a cracking setup, great company, plenty of fun and most importantly plenty of games. Online games all now suitable due to improved internet connection, play face to face instead of Webcam to Webcam!
With a great selection of food and drink to keep you fuelled up, a selection of game types played it’s a start to the December party season.
Not to be missed!

Can’t join us in person? Join the TPR Discord and watch out for any online game shouts - or shout out your online game of choice!

Need to practice your gaming before turning up, post here, FaceBook or on Discord and get those trigger fingers back in form, or those killer strategies back to full strength.

Lets get the party hype train started!


Game on !

I’ll be there +
The chief

See you there.

I wonder if we can coax the TPR pyromaniac to go ?


if attendees are really lucky, they’ll get to see a star car from a music video :slight_smile:

They took the plates off the beast for that video…

yup - production asked me to do so, it was a scary prospect removing screws that have been there for that long!
Fortunately was all good and during the downtime/no camera time it meant that little bit of OCD for making sure the car was immaculate was possible, another bit cleaned!
There was evidence of previous plates being on the car, but for the video to hide the holes black insulation tape hid that!

Suppose I should delurk and say I intend to do a lunch time visit. It was uncertain if I’d go due to other things, but right now I got nothing else going that time!