TPR Christmas LAN

Sorry for being such a slacker and forgetting to post on here :unamused:

Date for next LAN is 22-24 November. Usual place, price etc (my slacker of a husband hasn’t sorted the poster either :joy: )

I will get him on it in next day or so but in meantime you can look at previous LAN threads for info :biggrin:

it’s oh so quiet

1 week to go

Who is coming? I’ll start :biggrin:

Hids + 3

Hids + 3
Sarge + The Chief.
Peige + 1
Monitor Man.
Slim Dude + Ugly.
Reamus + 1


Wheres that slacker Mackerel ?

Still slacking. I’ll be there as long as I’m not dying of something. I’m sure people at work are trying to infect me.

Might even bring a PC this time…

takes quite a while to do Windows Update on a LAN machine not plugged in since the last event :slight_smile:

Although that is now a job ticked off the list

we be live we be