TPR Daily Seti Boinc Flame 23 April 2006

23 April 2006

22-Apr-2006 14:29 30.1M (seti server time and XML size)

New Recruits

No leavers :slight_smile:

Premier League
Tim moves up 1 place to 13th stomping Deaky
Darin Billing moves up 1 place to 29th stomping Rythim and Dancin

Division 1
roguebfl moves up 1 place to 23rd stomping Master of Puppets
Joe moves up 2 places to 37th stomping TankGirl and Sark3k

Division 2
Andy Wiliams moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping Sigg
Monitor-Man moves up 1 place to 9th stomping Charles
GreatInca moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Dave Miller
SizEzE moves up 4 places to 24th stomping Paul Day, Zodiac, Keith_M_B and paul greer
Mathena moves up 2 places to 48th stomping somanvx and Fantstav

Division 3
Badliltexan moves up 1 place to 25th stomping wolf
CrystalShards moves up 1 place to 37th stomping Therese B.
Pants moves up 1 place to 45th stomping blackhawk_45
antgash moves up 1 place to 48th stomping lab_boy

Division 4
Scott moves up 1 place to 4th stomping merlin
Rika moves up 1 place to 9th stomping ScottishBird
Six Feet Under moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Alex Lloyd
W9SBU moves up 1 place to 16th stomping Alex Lloyd
Viking moves up 1 place to 20th stomping pmurphy
Aero moves up 3 places to 25th stomping active32, Pablo4077 and capitolq
MickeyC moves up 1 place to 37th stomping NeoCow

Division 5
Andy Wood moves up 1 place to 10th stomping Spacey
milo909 moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Welrod45
WORMSS moves up 13 places to 24th stomping Gandelf, Ludovixxx, fatteraj, Guinfan, Jennifer Michelle, scott, HairyMonster, drezha, Xeonzinc, Wisperingshadows, whale, Jaerik and Fibers

Division 6
Mithos moves up 11 places to 2nd stomping Alchemiste, bagent, bo_leggs, Ghawk, Eugene McNiel, rangi, Sudip Ghosh, StalwartUK, Death, MuMinded and Mr_SeeD
Mr_SeeD moves up 7 places to 4th stomping Alchemiste, bagent, Eugene McNiel, rangi, Sudip Ghosh, StalwartUK and MuMinded

Found two good pictures this morning :devil:

Thanks for the news

Stompy stompy

though it’s going to be about a week before my next stomp

:chuckle: love the squirrel :lol: Mind kind of animal that :drink:

I seem to be slowing down :confused: going to have to find out why :frowning:


damn, only 13 places today :)… woohoo, thanks for the news

Getting closer to that promotion. Hope your watching scottishbird:D
Thanks for the news Peige

Excellent statage Peige and very noce totty too! :devil:

I am watching :frowning: i aint moving again it aint fair might have to put pc on at night again to get crunching again and if andy gets his finger out and sets up that other pc i might have a chance of getting closer to you again scott roll on when you can only crunch 12 hours instead of 24 :wink:

Thanx for the news peige and love the pic of the squirrel but the other hits the bottom of the barrel :stuck_out_tongue:

Again with the pic ¬__¬

Thanks Piege Sah’. Nice stattage :slight_smile:

would have tough this squirrel was more your style

Queen_Kirstquad here’s a stamp you might like

or prehaps

she would prefer it more if ‘the Flame’ picture would be a link rather than out in the open so everyone HAS to see it…

we could go back to putting in the first reply…

but it would still be shown… so how does that change anything?

I’m not being funny but, the news has always had a babe in it and has always had a “flame” logo in it !

I’m proud of the stats… and proud of the layout, if its not your cup of tea then don’t read it :slight_smile:

User CP > Edit Options > “Thread Display Options” untick the “Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)” option.

That’s the best you will get I’m afraid, there has always been a pic in the flame, always will be a pic in the flame. Users can post what they like within the boundaries, a rule to not show babes in direct img links is one step too far on censorship. One persons “babe” is another persons “brainless bimbo”, whether that be male or female.


becuase they don’t have to read the rest of the thread.

Yes but they do if they like to see what other people say about Stompage … Nice to see you are proud of someone elses vainty and self obessed Silicon Problems rather than something say … Interesting!!!

I have most the pics on links now anyway (BTW I dont know how or if I did that, but if I didnt thank you to who did XD ) … S’not the point really … interesting pics get overlooked sometimes :frowning: