TPR Daily Seti Flame 13/06/06

13 June 2006

12-Jun-2006 14:57 32.3M (seti server time and XML size)

New Recruits
Welcome to Jeff Pleet who joins us with 61 credits :smiley:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Premier League

Division 1

Division 2
Dale moves up 1 place to 24th stomping Mirek Sabiniewicz
Mathena moves up 1 place to 41st stomping Quaz

Division 3
WORMSS moves up 1 place to 8th stomping Tzal_Maweth
rolandsea moves up 1 place to 11th stomping Andrew Watt
Scott moves up 1 place to 23rd stomping Tom Moore
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 24th stomping Tom Moore
Stephan moves up 3 places to 30th stomping SJ761, Bigsheff1 and pgresz

Division 4
Six Feet Under moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping lab_boy
milo909 moves up 2 places to 49th stomping macgyvero and Andrew

Division 5
Walter OReilly moves up 1 place to 7th stomping Padowan

Division 6

nice to know my machine is still sending in the work units while im away :slight_smile:

Congratz milo909 on the Promtion, bummer for Andrew.

I’m afraid my production for Seti will be curtailed for a while. Several circumstances have contributed to this:
[li]Rhea made a Funny Noise a couple of days ago and is in need of Tender Loving Care
[/li][li]I received an updated and unwelcome electricity bill and she costs rather more per unit produced than Dione
[/li][li]Microsoft (see this thread)) hiding behind a blogger have announced the end of support for Windows 98 (not unreasonable in my view) so I will be looking at Linux which will take a while
I think Seti is fundamentally worthwhile, but equally the project has quite enough contributors at present, so I’ll be concentrating on LHC, Einstein and SZTAKI given reduced resources.

Rhea in her Windows incarnation has contributed 14255 units to BOINC projects so let us bid her a fond farewell.

may Rhea in her new form be just as productive :slight_smile:

Ta for the news Peige, for those planned races next month, we might need some people to come back to the team :Poke: @Bilko Tart