TPR Daily Seti Flame 8th May 2006

08 May 2006

07-May-2006 13:40 31.1M (seti server time and XML size)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Premier League

Division 1
Kevin G. Clarke moves up 2 places to 22nd stomping Spaceboy and Scott
Todd Janiak moves up 1 place to 33rd stomping Frank A. Ross
Promoted !!!SizEzE moves up 1 place to 50th stomping mikey2345

Division 2
jason fisher moves up 2 places to 34th stomping and Gerald Saunders
Mathena moves up 1 place to 46th stomping Storm PCs

Division 3
Owen Crossby moves up 1 place to 5th stomping bugs
Quaz moves up 1 place to 7th stomping Tzal_Maweth
Pants moves up 1 place to 29th stomping Mogwai
antgash moves up 1 place to 43rd stomping Stephan
Scott moves up 1 place to 44th stomping Stephan

Division 4
MickeyC moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping Rys
WORMSS moves up 3 places to 12nd stomping Yo Sam, Ken and d4y+im3
Paul Gysen moves up 1 place to 47th stomping Audra

Division 5
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 1st stomping Nowhere Man

Division 6
Walter OReilly moves up 13 places to 60th stomping NM_Arian, Chesley Reyburn, Michael Ban, Apex, Torque IT Solutions, s__monty, Phil Caldwell, Kirchoff, Stuart Grigg, Justin Hayes, Snash, sphoenixee and Magnusss

Todays biggest stomper is Walter OReilly with a massive 13 stomps :eek: and the for overall stomps, Division 3 takes the :trophy:

and your reward…


Excellent news and nice piccie :thumbsup: Well done for spotting the promotion :wink:

Nice leaping of the inactives by Walter :clap:


i think im going for the “most mentioned” seems im in every flame :slight_smile:

im sorry scottishbird, i think tomorrow i will be stomping u too :frowning:

thankie for the news :slight_smile:

thanx scott

I will cry if you stomp me now you dont want to see a girl cry now do you :wink:

actually, its how i get my jollies