TPR Daily Seti Flame - Alternative

Sorry - This was going to be a cool thread for the r4ck3d g33k girlies … but it got messed up …

A mini protest against the stupid use of half naked women in the news posts by counteracting it with pictures of fully dressed manly goodness - Like Kiefer Sutherland … but yunno …

all I notice is how slow they are to load and then I go back to something else…

in all seriousness, can you please resize or link to the images as we kind of have a max 800x600 for images.


Can I ask that if you post pics that you at least resize them to make them smaller and quicker to load, and maybe a 56K warning in the thread title, we have to consider that some users are on 56k modems.


sorry, i had to rename the pictures server side, as i dont have the bandwidth to upload those size pictures from my machine

whatever … :frowning: :sigh:

And btw Im on 56k