TPR Genome news, 10th August 2002

10th August 2002

Genome@Home Report

Team Status

Well second effort and I’ve come to the realisisation I need to GenomeBorg snapshots to keep track of everything that happens during the week. So I’m not sure I get everything right this week, but hopefully things should be getting more accurate from now one.

Any mistakes go complain to someone else (Mincer’s always good to moan at :wink: )

For official information on Genome@home 2.0 (aka Folding@home 3.0), see here, here and here.

    Team                                 Units     Weekly

20. Blue_Genes                         461989   7617.5
21. TDIclub                            444239   4254.5
22. OcUK                               384065   1836.8
23. AMD_Power_Germany                  381800   7268.4 [b]
24. Phoenix_Rising                     363633  11665.6 [/b]
25. FreeDC                             290842    774.0
26. GENEtals                           287776   2494.6
27. SkzDaLimit_Distributed_Computing   278182    76.5
28. Team_ADD                           274524   756.7 

Internal Affairs

Not an awful to report, the usual suspects propping up the bar, not sure about stomps as I’ve not got Genoborg sorted out, but I know that Ciccio (Good looking sex machine that he is) has this week stomped curly_99, nitrile, goody600, madDragon, woof AND put himself back into the Top 200 crunchers in the world, so well done that man :wink:

The weekly production stakes sees nitRAM taking the honours with a mahoosive dump during the week. And the rest of the guys seem to be producing within a few percent every week. Need some hot chilli sauce to mix it up a bit I think :wink:

   Name                 Units

1. nitRAM            2342.25
2. andyu             2088.74
3. TPR Mulda         1566.84
4. riddlermarc       1553.45
5. ciipher           1512.59

Daily production is always a different kettle of fish where differing –nonet strategies make themselves a little more apparent, top of today’s pile is Ciccio very little else happening, only 4 people dumping so they al get amention. Looks like I’m a very sad git with nothing better todo (especially with the Bristol balloon festival going on).

However it’s great to see crazydude and woof in the top producers again.

   Name                 Units

1. Ciccio             142.96
2. ciipher             72.97
3. Crazydude           53.82
4. woof                12.35


Again, there’s not much to celebrate this week…

wynotiel……2,500 units

Totty tips

And here she is, today’s Gorgeous Genome Girlie™

my website seem to be down, at the moment, but believe me she’s worth waiting for!

Top read Ciccio, thanks for making the effort, well worth it I can assure you :nod:


Thanks Ciccio :slight_smile:

Shame you’ve started reporting as all the stomps have levelled out :frowning:

Also a shame my dump hadn’t registered - those extra 0.42 points make all the difference :wink:

/waits patiently for girlie to appear…

2.5K :smiley:

wonder how long till the next stomp :eek:

f5 hosting are being particularly recalcitrant in letting me upload girlie.

May have to rethinkg current hosting providers. Who do TPR use? And how much does it cost?

Originally posted by Ciccio
Any mistakes go complain to someone else (Mincer’s always good to moan at :wink: )

:smackbum: :smackbum: :smackbum: :smackbum:

Originally posted by Ciccio
May have to rethinkg current hosting providers. Who do TPR use? And how much does it cost?

The forums and main tpr site run on 34sp accounts


I take thatr back mincers always good to groan at. Must be the quality os his jokes :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the info mincer, I shall look at the site once I ham sober once again. Till then wish me merry hangvoers> :slight_smile:

Cheers C, nice report. When I get my other rigs back I’ll be genoming.

PS My business website and e-mail come via Muppet#9, worth a PM?

Bump as the girlie is now in evidence :slight_smile:

I use both Ghoulnet and newnet for hosting.

Ghoulnet is cheap and cheerful, newnet is expensive and pretty damn speedy.