TPR Genome News, 26th June 2002

26th June 2002

Genome@Home Report

Team Status

Upwards progress has now pretty much ceased for the foreseeable future due to the gap to the next victims – projected stomp date under current progressive rates is September :eek: Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, we have fallen 30 units short of 300,000 at the time of writing, although I’m sure the units have already been uploaded to rectify this unfortunate oversight :wink: Nice to see an improvement in the weekly output which is almost back up to 9k but leaves us vulnerable to an attack by The_Lab (currently in 36th) who are slowly gaining on us.

That said, I’m going to repeat a small section from last week as there are still the same important issues with G@h 2.0 (or F@h 3.0) that have been there since inception last week:

For official information on Genome@home 2.0 (aka Folding@home 3.0), see here, here and here.

Well, the integrated Folding/Genome Client hit the streets this week and pretty much transpired to be (yet another) damp squib of an affair. Various reports floating around with strange stories too – varying from the client failing to get more genome units after the first to dog slow and the creation of new Folding Teams by the client after completing a Folding unit with Genome Team details. I think Genome Classic (0.99 to you and me) has a fair bit of life left in it yet, especially considering the lack of –nonet features in the Folding client.

    Team                                 Units     Weekly

20. Blue_Genes                         422577.41   3891.6
21. TDIclub                            414557.62   6714.3
22. OcUK                               375125.05   1458.5
23. AMD_Power_Germany                  346032.60   5942.0 [b]
24. Phoenix_Rising                     299970.16   8902.4 [/b]
25. FreeDC                             284585.77   4557.2
26. SkzDaLimit_Distributed_Computing   277676.15    109.1
27. GENEtals                           270831.05   3698.2
28. LNO_Genome_Black_Belts             251497.58    269.0 

Internal Affairs

Right, as usual, starting at the bottom: wnyotiel gets the ball rolling again, this week’s victim being Spectre, madDragon roars back into life to avaenge last week’s stomping and not only unstomps himself from woof, but also leaves a trail of half eaten sheep on both JUGEARS’ and nitrile’s farms too :eek: Juggy follows through on nitrile too, just to make matters worse for our unfortunate house mover. Only 1 left and it’s me! Unfortunate circumstances (for Alta anyway) see me regaining the #2 spot, although I’m sure Alta will be back when his RL funding issues have been resolved with the powers that be…

That concludes this week’s sermon :wink:

In the weekly production stakes, big up for riddler making his comeback trail complete at the top of the table with a solid innings from ciipher (as usual), andyu still unusually low in the rankings as he continues to tidy up his SETI account and a welcome appearance from nitRAM too :slight_smile:

  Name                 Units

1 riddlermarc         2011.49
2 TPR_Mulda           1671.63
3 ciipher             1286.40
4 andyu                779.71
5 nitRAM               726.00 

Daily production is always a different kettle of fish where differing –nonet strategies make themselves a little more apparent, the usual solid outings from riddler, ciipher and Crazydude and JUGEARS making a comeback this week.

  Name                 Units

1 TPR_Mulda              437.00
2 riddlermarc            212.19
3 ciipher                133.49
4 JUGEARS                127.74
5 Crazydude              113.13 


Making up for last week, there’s plenty…

TPR_Mulda…30,000 units
madDragon…5,000 units
JUGEARS…5,000 units
woof…5,000 units
wnyotiel…500 units

riddlermarc…1,500 genes
attoperuk…250 genes

Team Standings

     Name                    Units      Genes

 1.  andyu                  71233.37     6588  
 2.  TPR_Mulda              31147.23     1771  
 3.  Alta_Rica              30966.86     2046  
 4.  TPR_Mojo               20300.26     1406  
 5.  riddlermarc            19914.31     1600  
 6.  ciipher                18280.10     1177  
 7.  nitRAM                 14396.62     1065  
 8.  Crazydude              11493.03      779  
 9.  kefkef                 10844.09      851  
10.  Speedo                  6230.19      541  
11.  goody600                5743.29      403  
12.  scoobie                 5739.12      378  
13.  curly_99                5581.43      403  
14.  madDragon               5235.05      385  
15.  JUGEARS                 5200.10      379  
16.  nitrile                 5144.42      334  
17.  woof                    5003.17      327  
18.  atopperuk               4106.20      253  
19.  mrpants                 3432.18      250  
20.  PMMeasures              2478.98      200  
21.  Ciccio                  2275.70      146  
22.  Crabbleboys             2117.67      208  
23.  Johnnypf                1965.36      201  
24.  Spike_TPR               1952.52      226  
25.  Monkeymia               1576.35       76  
26.  TPR_Kaibigan            1464.52      123  
27.  Mincer                   956.93       69  
28.  chas                     801.76       63  
29.  N2OCapri                 670.71       44  
30.  Kwazy_Wabbit             635.13       43  
31.  aschwarzie               614.61       42  
32.  wnyotiel                 524.34       44  
33.  Spectre                  500.08       40  
34.  ConDigital               286.95       18  
35.  DarkFog                  241.79       18  
36.  adventurevision          208.94       12  
37.  specialk                 181.60       24  
38.  turbopower               147.14       13  
39.  SgtBilko                 109.01        9  
40.  Muppet9                  104.59        5  
41.  crazydude                 69.71        4  
42.  TPR_Spike                 66.99        5  
43.  [email][/email]       15.75        1  
44.  Gandelf                   12.00        1 

And here she is, today’s FHM girl, Chloe Annett

Originally posted by Mulda
[B]And here she is, today’s FHM girl, Chloe Annett

No fair, all FHM stuff is now denied by our SmartFilter content filter :frowning:

Nice report though m8, good to get a mention :slight_smile:

Excellent report my good man, nice to get a mention again.:nod:

Originally posted by riddlermarc
[B]No fair, all FHM stuff is now denied by our SmartFilter content filter :frowning:

Nice report though m8, good to get a mention :slight_smile: [/B]
That’s downright sneaky!

Special for you then rids…

Originally posted by Mulda
[B]That’s downright sneaky!

Special for you then rids… [/B]
Too right it is…! Half of the time the girls don’t make it through either :frowning:

Mmm Chloe… sweet, sweet filly :smiley:

Thanks for a fine report, Mulda - and many congratulations on the stomp :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report Mulda :nod:

I is a tad miffed, I uploaded over 150 genes yesterday and I have only been credited for about 20 :frowning:
I made a backup of the folders so I’ll try again tomorrow, that 726 Units should have looked more like 2000 :mad: Hey ho at least Chloe got uploaded just fine :smiley:

I think you need to be looking into this a bit more deeply nitRAM - I’ve not had any problems with crediting at all apart from the 1 very tiny glitch a couple of weeks ago (that coincided with your previous problem) and I’ve dumped over 2000 points this week so far across my 2 accounts…

Yeah I wonder if it’s the way I am transferring the files from my two non networked machines.
I have been using a zip drive and copying the whole genome directory. Then pasting this into a directory on my netowrked machine and running the standard Genome client so that it uploads the work and then get’s me a new unit.
It’s been fine up until the last two dumps.

similar to how I was uploading before I managed to drag myself into gear, and get it all networked :smiley: cept that I used a usb compact flash reader and a cf card :slight_smile:

Pretty much what I do with the PC I took to work, except I rename the Genome folder on this PC and transfer in the other folder as if it were the local install then do the -clear.

The only time I’ve lost units was from one of my home networked PCs and that was only 2 or 3 genes that didn’t get credited (~50 units) from a week of -nonet (~500 units).

Hard to see what’s going wrong, unless you’re having the equivalent experiences in Genome to mine in Folding :eek: