TPR LAN 1st - 3rd October 2021 **NEW DATE** ** NEW DATE **

We are back again at The Highwayman Inn at Cirencester for our next LAN event.

There is a request for lateral flow test to be completed prior to attending, all entering the LAN may be subject to a temp test as well due to existing high risk bubbles of some people planning to attend.

Location Google Maps

some things and stuff happening and a low numbers confirmation has meant this LAN has now been moved to the first weekend of October.

Friday 1st October - Sunday 3rd October

Yes, a few people got caught in the PingDemic.
False alarm, but better to play it safe.

Safety measures in place for this one. Everyone gets Lazer Scanned on entry, and if theres anything suspicious we have a ton of peak flow tests available.

This should be a good one.
See you all there.


LAN this weekend, usual place.
Starts tonight, about 4:30 ish.

See you there.


My youngest is in a segregated class that isn’t allowed to mix with the Gen-Pop of the rest of the school
but is not allowed to isolate at home due to close contact rules :speak_no_evil:
Turning up with a slice of that might not be wise.

Have a beverage (or two) for me

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a cracking day out Grommit

Was a good weekend.
Think I did more LAN gaming than i’ve done for years.
Got my arse kicked as usual - but it was good fun !