TPR Lan Event February 2019

Shock horror - we have massive notice and insane amounts of forward planning!

Be very aware, this is also my birthday weekend - could be a BIG LAN

Having slept on the floor last time, it’s very viable option. Possible we will have more VR setups as Beat Saber now has a local compete mode! 1v1 Beat Saber is ON!!

No excuses, good food, great company and some high “have fun” LAN games. For those wanting a LAN challenge - it’s easy, shout what you want to play and at what level and get the beers in!

Already looking forward to it :smiley:


Looking Good !

Check Cirencester travel lodge which is really close. Apparently £28 a night with the saver rate and a fiver for breakfast.

Courtesy of Bilko who is clearly too busy posting it 14 million times on Facebook on old threads.


Linkage :- HERE

£28 / Night on saver rate if you book now.

Dates 8th & 9th Feb ( Friday & Saturday Nights )
And yes i can shuttle people to and from, its only a few minutes from the Lan.

Extra Discount codes if you are quick :-

1 night - discount code :- 15OFF
2 Nights - discount code :- 25OFF


I’ll still probably sleep on the floor as the “kit” protector - nothing to do with being lazy or a cheapskate, but that’s £££££ more to spend behind the bar …

price has jumped a bit now[0][adults]=2&rooms[0][children]=0&rooms[0][extras][0]=&lozenges=

Might also be worth noting that CS:GO is now free to play :wink:

still doesn’t make it any good

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Love the Christmas hats on the avatars.
You look dead sexy in that hat !

/Gets coat…


New year and more lans!

Eh Slim, Can you run two Rifts next to each other ?
Just thinking if there’s a way of doing this without getting the position sensors confused.

Answers on a postcard…


short answer = yes

All the new network cables are now installed at the pub. Both rooms now linked up.
Good to go.
Me & Mickey -C went up Friday and finished it off.


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Not long now…
Switch & Cat-5 Cables will be moved to the pub this week and put in their store room ready.
Less messing about on the day. Less to load in the car.

OK peeps, just remember the kit list as below

Please bring :-

  1. PC / Laptop - NO Huge Monitors, keep it real. Desk space at a premium.
  2. Short Multi Plug Extension Lead - enough sockets for whatever kit you are taking.
  3. Headphones
  4. Mouse mat
  5. Small Cushion - the seats are wooden and not too well padded.


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One week to go!

I think for me it will be mainly social as seemingly my laptop graphics are too shitty to run even UT!

I can probably source a share machine - see how busy this week is

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Thanks DT, that would be great but no worries if you can’t or don’t have time :grin:


An evening in a pub, with beer and food and hospitatlity ?
Think I might stoke the bangbus with some coal and head over.

I only have the one firework in stock but it is Chinese new year, does the Landlord have any disposition against noisy banging things ?

Its not too loud (allegedly)

Its not even the full 25m safety range so not far off being a sparkler :devil:

Ahh but which version of UT, I appear to have 2003 and 2004

Whilst having a clear out to landfill of many old computer bits, I found some old games on physical media, genuine versions, not a Bilko’s boot sale version amongst them.

HalfLife2 (unopened)
Max Payne
HalfLife Generation with BlueShift (No idea WTF that might be)
Tomb Raider Legend
Unreal II
Doom3 (Unopened)

And a copy of a “Steps - Steptacular” hidden in one of the boxes, presumably to break to cycle of somebody playing a really shit CD in the house.

I can bring these too in case a retro flashback is needed.
Not the Steps CD of course, that flew rather better than I expected, it is a windy day.