TPR Lan Event February 2019


Shock horror - we have massive notice and insane amounts of forward planning!

Be very aware, this is also my birthday weekend - could be a BIG LAN

Having slept on the floor last time, it’s very viable option. Possible we will have more VR setups as Beat Saber now has a local compete mode! 1v1 Beat Saber is ON!!

No excuses, good food, great company and some high “have fun” LAN games. For those wanting a LAN challenge - it’s easy, shout what you want to play and at what level and get the beers in!

Already looking forward to it :smiley:




Looking Good !


Check Cirencester travel lodge which is really close. Apparently £28 a night with the saver rate and a fiver for breakfast.

Courtesy of Bilko who is clearly too busy posting it 14 million times on Facebook on old threads.



Linkage :- HERE

£28 / Night on saver rate if you book now.

Dates 8th & 9th Feb ( Friday & Saturday Nights )
And yes i can shuttle people to and from, its only a few minutes from the Lan.

Extra Discount codes if you are quick :-

1 night - discount code :- 15OFF
2 Nights - discount code :- 25OFF



I’ll still probably sleep on the floor as the “kit” protector - nothing to do with being lazy or a cheapskate, but that’s £££££ more to spend behind the bar …


price has jumped a bit now[0][adults]=2&rooms[0][children]=0&rooms[0][extras][0]=&lozenges=


Might also be worth noting that CS:GO is now free to play :wink:


still doesn’t make it any good