TPR LAN June 2019

Date is now confirmed for next LAN :grin: Would be fantastic to see more of the old crowd and some new faces :relaxed: So come on tarts, get your name down!

Someone better tell TFW to book the hotel now.
Mr Last minute.


Shameless bump! Best to get hotel room booked early :grin:

What date is it again ?


31st May for Friday night set-up/tart convention :grin:

Where is it again ?

It’s on the poster above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or do you mean the Travelodge? If so, that’s[0][roomId]=6lmiy0cwzypel0&rooms[0][adults]=1&rooms[0][children]=0&rooms[0][extras][0]=&lozenges=&strikeThroughShown=0

Should change his name to Mr Magoo…

Whats the dress code ?

Tarts & Vicars :joy:

Ok, is McVicar close enough ?
I love a full english…

Might want to make sure you don’t spill any bean sauce then…that could be painful :anguished:

Booked the HOTEL yet ?


I take it by the lack of reply that the Secretary at TFW Labs has not got to it yet ?

Is there a menu online ?

Do they take Luncheon Vouchers ?

Is there enough space to erect a 16ft Yurt?

No, but you will like the food.
No, it not a knocking shop.
Yes, but only if you dress like a 60’s hippie.

Hotel is available :- Here and Here and Here

I can ferry you to any of these so you can drink.
BUT THESE REALLY ARE SELLING OUT FAST, so book now, most of the other places local are already sold out for that weekend.


Not long now !

With just over 3 weeks to go, it’s time to get butts in gear :grin: So who is coming? :thinking:


Hids + 2
Double Top
Sgt Bilko
Andylamb + 1
Mickey C
TPR Spud

Get adding your names to list people :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t think I’ll bother with a PC this time considering I used mine exactly zero the time I did make it.

Mine will no doubt be primarily used for Beat Saber on VR :joy: