TPR LAN - My Personal Review

I’m currently on my way back home after spending the weekend with a bunch of people I haven’t seen for 10+ years for the most part and also I few I had never met and all I can say is it was a fantastic weekend!

I will admit I was a bit dubious how it would go with so much time having passed since I attended my last LAN. People’s lives move on etc and I wondered if maybe things would be different and if maybe it would be time to face the fact that we had all gone in different directions. I am so happy to say I should never have had any doubts!

You would honestly think it was only a few months ago I saw everyone (even the new faces) as the laughs and banter just picked right back up from where we left off :biggrin:

There was of course the compulsory games of UT (PMM is still a bot on it, I’m sure of it :thinking: ) and CS but there was also the added fun of VR which is very addictive! Be warned, if you do have a go you may very well end up wanting one :joy:

The new “home” for our LAN is absolutely fab, the food is bloody lovely and the landlord, landlady & staff are so nice and nothing is too much trouble for them.

While generally we can’t sleep over in the pub, there is a decent Travel Lodge not far from the pub which you can get cheap if you book early enough (take note TFW :joy: ) and Sarge is happy to ferry people to/from there if they fancy having a shandy or 2. He does require payment in the form of diet cokes and maybe a cheese & onion pasty or 2 from the Greggs next door to hotel :biggrin:

Dates are being bandied about for the next one and I for one will definitely be there! If you are dubious like I was then be reassured your doubts will be unfounded! Do come to next one and see for yourself. If you’ve never been, come along! You will be made very welcome by us all and you will have a great weekend :smile:

I will be uploading some videos to Youtube later of the VR fun (or competitiveness between Andy Lamb & Spud :joy: )


Glad you enjoyed it, and congrats on your new role as Head of Public Relations, Marketing, Chief Admin, Ticket Sales, Logistics and cinematographer for the next LAN.


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All round dogsbody then? :thinking: :joy:

As promised, here are some videos of Beat Saber fun :biggrin:

Sarge doing pretty well for an old man - Sarge - YouTube

Spud & Andy had a bit of a competition going on. While they are both amazingly good, Spud definitely won for being more fluid :joy:

Andy - Andy Lamb - YouTube

Spud - Spud - YouTube

Has it been that long since Crewe I think it was?

Sounds good. Wish timing was better but I don’t think anyone would have thanked me being a biohazard there. See you at the next one maybe.

Did go to the one before this, and it was a good to catch up again. I might have finished tinkering with my VR rig rebuild by then (Vive) so you can compare and contrast. While most things work on both, there are some differences that could be explored.

It has been Mackerel! That was 2009 :open_mouth:

Hope you are feeling better now and hope you can make next one with your rig :+1:

Have you been on some dodgy excursion to Paris ?
Have you had any itching since your return ?


Nothing that exotic. Some kinda cold like symptoms that are really annoying and yucky.

Might of been only 5 years since seeing Hids last :rofl: with some other crazy’s walking 37.5mile :zipper_mouth_face: but echo her comments be it 5 years or 12 years it so simple to forget that it has been that long and its just how it used to be fun fun fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah, don’t think I’ll ever forget that walk :joy: One day I will conquer it :muscle:

Stick to the rift !