TPR Lan November 2018 - Pictures and Videos

Throw up things that you may have shared on other platforms for the forum users to see here!


Just the one from me. Did see many phones out at other times so what else have we got?

Twas a damn good weekend, good food, good company, and good fun.

Next one Feb 8th-10th 2019. Same Venue.


can you check your local half term dates for Feb please Sgt.

It’s normally around that time, here and others I’ve checked are end of Feb - but worth a check :slight_smile:


Local Schools around here :-
Spring Half Term Holidays 18 Feb 2019 22 Feb 2019
We are the week before this so we are good.

No Cheltenham Races in February too, so that’s good, means that hotels will actually be available this time !

Looks good to me. Just hope it doesn’t snow, as the pub is on the top of the Cotswolds, although its right next to the main A417 which they do keep open, it’ll be the last 500 yds that’ll be the issue if it does snow.


Well if it does decide to snow if it can wait until after we get there :rofl: it be fine :slight_smile: