TPR Predictor Stats - 13/05/06

TPR Predictor stats - as at 13th May 2006

Apoligies for putting the stats out a day early but I’m away all day tomorrow so presume you’d all prefer the stats a day early than none at all :slight_smile:

Team Positions 13/05/2006

New Recruits

None this week :frowning:


None this week :smiley:

The TPR Predictor Top Crunchers 13/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

We seem to be picking up slightly :slight_smile:

Positions as at 13/05/2006

Premier League

Piet moves up 1 positions to 5th, stomping DoubleTop (as I predicted last week ;))

Division 1

Quite a lot of movement here now this week!
drezha moves up 1 positions to 10th, stomping sirgaz :woot:
TankGirl moves up 1 positions to 15th, stomping MarcoReid :clap:
PROMOTED! Tom Wilson moves up 6 positions to 30th, stomping Keith Harrison, Phill Bee, AGD, and more :driving:

Division 2

Mirek Sabiniewicz moves up 2 positions to 7th, stomping Olly and Scoobie
Walter O’Reilly moves up 3 positions to 32nd, stomping Abie, DannagE and mackerel

Division 3

Congrats all. Keep up the good work! :nod:

If your looking to help an established TPR team, Predictor is a good bet:)

Just added some predictor. Should help :slight_smile:

Nice one fenix :thumbsup:

Cheers Drezha! Nice statage :thumbsup:

Thanks Drezha! I was perpetually hovering around 5000. I decided
to make a change for a while. SETI and Rosetta have been put on
hold for a bit.

Nice stomp Tom! :slight_smile:

Appears it’s paid off for you

Thanks for the Predictor update, drezha.