TPR Predictor Stats - 23/04/06

TPR Predictor stats - as at 23rd April 2006

Team Positions 23/04/2006

New Recruits

Only one new member this week. Except one lot of stats shows two though compared to last week we have 1 :confused: Teething problems at my end with Droid’s stats sheet I think…
Anyhow…Big warm TPR welcome to Nowhere Man :wave: Welcome to the team!


None that I can see. Droid is there any way of seeing this easily?:confused:

The TPR SIMAP Top Crunchers 23/04/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Well done everyone! :nod:

Positions as at 23/04/2006

With Predictor down for a while between there normal Wednesday maintenance shut off and Friday, numbers would have normally dropped but our RAC has increased slighlty.
Unfortunatly the team is being outproduced by all other teams in the top 20 except one below us.:frowning:

Premier League

M.D. Petermeier moves up 1 positions to 9th, stomping Damski

Division 1

Christian Weisse moves up 1 positions to 3rd, stomping Endre
phees moves up 1 positions to 6th, stomping Tyne34
drezha moves up 1 positions to 13th, stomping riddlermarc :woot:
TankGirl moves up 2 positions to 16th, stomping brianhn1 and Dan Doyle

Congrats all.

Division 2

Tom Wilson moves up 2 positions to 3rd, stomping Ogrepete and savage1r
Honourable Mention! Ogrepete would have stomped but got stomped by Tom Wilson
Stephen R Homer moves up 2 positions to 9th, stomping Padowan and BORED
NEW!Nowhere Man joins us in Division 2 and starts his rise to fame in 29th position. Welcome aboard!

Congrats to all! A lot of zero’s in RAC. If anyone wants to increase the teams RAC, all help ius welcome :smiley: remember this was a project TPR was great at!

:thumbsup: to Droid for letting use his stats template. Took me about an hour to get this one done…let’s hope it’s quicker next week :chuckle:


Nice one Drezha. It looks like most of it worked OK. The splitters and joiners show up in the gains & losses sheet. Look for any #N/A in either the “gone” or “new” columns. Look along the row, if the #N/A is in the gone column, it will be the person in the last week column, and if in the NEW column, it will be the person in the this week column. I haven’t had time to play with this to make it more clear. RL has taken too much time recently.

Let me know if you have any other issues.

No probs.

Cheers for that.
Figure it out now :smiley:

The double joiner thing was cause by maher gul changinig his name or the CSV file not suportting the u with dots…

Yeah. You have to watch out for that. That’s why I had problems with ike and his two accounts. Manual sorting works OK sometimes. :smiley:

Thanks for the Predictor update, Drezha.