TPR Predictor Stats - 4th June 2006

TPR Predictor stats - as at 4th June 2006

Right next week it’ll all get intresting with the stat times. I have a Saturday and Sunday shift at work so don’t know when I’ll get round to doing them… Also limited internet time I’m guessing as well…Anyhow…here’s this week stats :slight_smile:

Team Positions 04/06/2006

New Recruits

None this week :frowning:


None this week! :slight_smile:

The TPR Predictor Top Crunchers 04/06/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Congrats all :slight_smile:

Positions as at 04/06/2006

Premier League

M.D. Petermeier moves up 1 positions to 7th, stomping morpheus

Division 1

TankGirl moves up 1 positions to 9th, stomping sirgaz
pong moves up 1 positions to 19th, stomping bigsheff1
Droid moves up 2 positions to 23rd, stomping Kevin G. Clarke and Tom Wilson :thumbsup:
Stephen R Homer moves up 1 positions to 34th, stomping The Dirts

Division 2

Olly moves up 4 positions to 1st, stomping NeoCow, lab_boy, Mirek Sabiniewicz, and more
Honourable Mention Mirek Sabiniewicz who would have stomped but got stomped by Olly

Division 3

No movement this week

Excellent work!

Congrats to everyone and well done to those with stomps!

Thanks drezha :thumbsup:

My production should increase too when I get home, I’ve got another PC doing nought. At the moment all my work is being computed by a laptop, so it’s quite impressive (820 units up :D).

Nice work Olly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Predictor stats, drezha. I don’t think the 2nd ike fits in division 3. I know, you were testing us. :wink:

You got me.

Ike appears twice in the stats and I have to remove him each week…except I’ve never removed him… :rolleyes:

Now it’s been spotted I think I best remove him :smiley: :wink:

Yeh!! got meself a couple of :stomp:s Cheers for the nooz Drezha :thumbsup: