TPR Rosetta Stats - 11th November 2005

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 11th November 2005

Our production is still fairly steady, but even with the welcome addition of Renata and Neal Chantrill, this hasn’t stopped us being overtaken by four other teams. :eek: We are currently at the number 18 position overall and hopefully we should stay here for a while as our production is higher than CANAL@Boinc thankfully.

Team Positions 11/11/2005

New Recruits
Please give a humungous :wavey: welcome to Renata and Neal Chantrill who join us this week at number 14 in the Premiership. Welcome aboard guys. :nod:

None thus far :slight_smile:

The TPR Rosetta Top Movers 11/11/2005

The Team’s Big Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 06/11/2005 to 11/11/2005

Excellent steady crunching progress going on with some numbers showing, especially in the Premiership. The addition of the Chantrills has helped our cause immensely. Here are the stats:

Premier League

Daniel Brady moves up 3 positions to 10th, stomping ike, DoubleTop and Binlala
Renata and Neal Chantrill join us this week and start their rise to fame at number 14. Welcome again guys. :thumbsup:

Division 1

No movement this week :o

Well done everyone and keep up the good work. Anyone else want to join in the fun, just sign up and come on down.

Cheers for now.

Thx droid.

Thanks for the update Droid!

Welcome aboard Neal and Ren! :thumbsup:

Thanks Droid :cheers: and welcome to the Ocker shockers!