TPR Rosetta Stats - 1st Report Of 2006

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 1st January 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and welcome to the first TPR Rosetta report of the New Year. :yippee: Excellent crunching from both divisions and some significant movement as well. Even so we are still at numbert 14 in the all-teams list, but making steady headway. Well done everyone, another fantastic performance. :yippee:

Team Positions 01/01/2006

New Recruits
Please give a huge :wavey: welcome, in Division 1, to rogue599 who joins us at number 28. Welcome aboard m8 and thanks for your contribution. :nod:

Say “adios” to Administrator who has left us, but I can’t find him crunching elsewhere. You’re always welcome back m8. :nod:

The TPR Rosetta Top Movers 01/01/2006

The Team’s Big Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 29/12/2005 to 01/01/2006
Excellent crunching progress with some excellent numbers being produced. There are some excellent numbers being crunched in both Divisions and at least one person poised for promotion to the Premiership! Here are the stats:

Premier League

Nightlord moves up an impressive 6 positions to 6th, stomping Spectre, Daniel Brady, The Balrog, and more
The Balrog moves up 1 position to 9th, stomping Michael Roberts
Richard Ellis moves up 1 position to 13th, stomping Joe

Division 1

Tom Wilson moves up 2 positions to take the top spot, stomping DoubleTop and Droid
Viking moves up 3 positions to 5th, stomping dillberry, ike and dezyboy
dillberry moves up 1 position to 6th, stomping ike
Monitor-Man moves up 3 positions to 9th, stomping MarcoReid, Binlala and benjam
Andrew moves up 3 positions to 14th, stomping Eremita, Mathena and fillup
fillup moves up 3 positions to 17th, stomping war_pig, IMFire3605 and DannagE
morpheus moves up 1 position to 22nd, stomping Stephen R Homer
NEW!rogue599 joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 28. Welcome aboard m8.
Mirek Sabiniewicz moves up 4 positions to 29th, stomping SFL ORG, Darwin, dave241, and more
SFL ORG moves up 2 positions to 30th, stomping Darwin and dave241

Once again an awesome week considering it’s the holidays!! We do need more members to hold back the other alliances though, so tell your friends and get them crunching TPR Rosetta now!! Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

Cheers for now.

Cheers Droid :slight_smile:

Thanks Droid. Nice read :slight_smile:

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