TPR Rosetta Stats - 28th May 2005

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 28th May 2006

Sad news this week, obviously, was the loss of MAOJC, but congrats to him on winning the race to 1.5million and of course commiserations to Nightlord, for an extremely close and well fought contest. :worship: Obviously this has affected our overall score and output but our RAC is still higher than last weeks, as is the average per user, which shows that the remaining team members are all still pulling off excellent scores individually. Well done everyone. It’s a fantastic achievement from you all.

Team Positions 28/05/2006

New Recruits

Please give a hooge :wavey: welcome back to JUGGY, who rejoins us in the Premiership this week. Welcome back m8!! :thumbsup:


Please say happy trails to MAOJC who has left us to join Free-DC and to Nowhere Man who has left us, but is currently crunching solo. You are always welcome back again guys :nod:

The TPR Rosetta Top Crunchers 28/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 22/05/2006 to 28/05/2006

Mostly steady progress this week, but a few users, Nightlord & Burlsey amongst others in the Premiership and colossusx in Div 1, produced some excellent scores this week. Excellent output guys! Just the one promotion this week from Division 2. The loss of Nowhere Man has caused some upward movement in the divisions, so I am only recording actual stomps. Well done guys. Here are the stats:

Premier League

NEW! JUGGY re-joins us in the Premiership and starts his bid for King of the Hill in 2nd position. Welcome back m8 :thumbsup:
Richard Ellis moves up 2 positions to 12th, stomping Master of Puppets and DoubleTop

Division 1

Andrew moves up 1 position to 2nd, stomping Mikey2345
colossusx moves up 3 positions to 4th, stomping Tom Wilson, Viking and charlie1
morpheus moves up 1 positions to 11th, stomping dillberry
tasi moves up 1 position to 17th, stomping lab_boy
Timbo moves up 1 position to 18th, also stomping lab_boy
Zebra@ moves up 1 position to 27th, stomping Padowan
helvio moves up 2 positions to 32nd, stomping SFL ORG and emcniel
PROMOTED!Sandy moves up 1 positions to 35th, due to Nowhere Man leaving, but did make actual progress. Well done m8!

Division 2

Walter O’Reilly moves up 2 positions to 1st, stomping olin and mackerel

Excellent production once more, even accounting for the losses. Well done everyone for keeping the Team on the up and up. Anyone who has Rosetta already on a cruncher, crank up your machines and get your name in the Hall of Fame. :nod:

Cheers for now!

Thanks for the news Droid:thumbsup:

The race to 1.5M was a very close run thing, with just 12 hours between us in the end:cool:

And so we move on…for now, I’ve switched most of the farm over to Folding and the Stooges race. See what they make of this little lot:stomp:

Should be interesting… :smiley:

Thanks for the stats Droid. :slight_smile: