TPR Rosetta Stats - 7th May 2006

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 7th May 2006

Nightlord is still on top in the league, but MAOJC has once more raised the bar and his credit for last week, making further in-roads into Nightlord’s lead. It’s anyones’s guess who will win the race to 1.5 million points. Watch this space… Steady crunching throughout the Premiership with some excellent numbers from JUGGY and Burlsey as well. The rest of the divisions are posting some excellent scores too. All this activity means we have overtaken the Housing and Food Services team and are currently at Number 8! Well done everyone, an excellent performance once again.

Team Positions 07/05/2006

New Recruits

Please give a hooge :wavey: welcome to Walter O’Reilly who joins us in Division 2 this week. Welcome aboard m8!! :thumbsup:


None this week :slight_smile:

The TPR Rosetta Top Crunchers 07/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 01/05/2006 to 07/05/2006

Mostly steady progress this week, but a lot of zero scores still showing. A couple of well-earned promotions this week from Division 2 as well. Well done guys. Here are the stats:

Premier League

No movement this week :o

Division 1

morpheus moves up 1 position to 13th, stomping Joe
MAx-2001 moves up 3 positions to 17th, stomping Endre, lab_boy and war_pig
Stephen R Homer moves up 1 position to 25th, stomping fillup
PROMOTED!tasi moves up 8 positions to 29th, stomping George Fischell, andyu, Nowhere Man, and more
PROMOTED!Zebra@ moves up 4 positions to 34th, stomping SFL ORG, helvio, emcniel, and more

Division 2

NEW! Walter O’Reilly joins us in Division 2 and starts his rise to fame in 11th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:

Another excellent week’s production and a great result in taking the Number 8 spot. Well done everyone for keeping the Team on the up and up. Anyone who has Rosetta already on a cruncher, your WUs would be gratefully received on behalf of the team guys. :nod:

Cheers for now!

Thanks for the news.

Looks like the boyo’s are making ground on me again :eek:

They’ve certainly picked up the pace again Peige :eek:

thanks =)
:woot: I’can see my name on the top chruncher list :smiley:

Yep the Nightlordy had better do something or I will catch him in time. :stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp:

Thanks for the news Droid! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the news Droid!:thumbsup:

I’m pressing the gas pedal as far as she will go. Only time will tell if it’s enough to reach 1.5M first.

To paraphrase a scene from Star Trek:

Kirk - Scotty, I need more speed!
Scotty - Any faster cap’n and she’ll blow!

Or put another way:

Yer cannae break the laws 'o physics cap’n

Well deserved Max! :nod:

Thanks for the news Droid. :thumbsup: