TPR secondments to Serious Crunchers

So a few of us have popped a couple of machines to help SeriousCrunchers in the February runtime challenge. This mutual swapping of runtime may prove useful in catching out P3D, and you never know we might nick the top spot in Docking :Plot:

So, that’s what is happening, and a little PARP to Heidi, I’m catching you :lol:


Currently split between Docking and WCG… keeping Docking ticking over…

Whoops! A little too late to issue a warning to DT, but then I wasn’t exactly speeding as I went past… WCG is killer on my RAC.

I noticed that!
Yet I have a plan to take care of that issue for you and Egad.

SeriousCrunchers now up to tenth :woot:


Team UK will go down easily. …Yeah, I said that… Team MyOnline will take some effort.

So true ,but , look at how many members they have compared to SC (including TPR members) IF we showed that power at docking people would stand up and take notice.:smiley:

They may have more members… okay, lots more members… but look at the recent RAC. The question is if it’s enough to overtake them before the month is out.[]=350&id[]=11412

Added my lappy to the mix. Won’t be much but all helps

Also stuck the main rig on for a while. Need to warm the room, so the cruncher will help :smiley:

I have a lappy that I’m stress testing after repairing it. :devil: And brought it over to TPR.:slight_smile: They not forth coming with payment for parts sooooo…:Plot:

Let’s do it for our sister team,TPR!

They may have more members… okay, lots more members… but look at the recent RAC. The question is if it’s enough to overtake them before the month is out.

The SC@WCG Feb 2011 RT challenge is a RunTime Challenge …weak machines count A LOT RAC isn’t necessarily indicative to Run Time

Ah… I was looking at run time as being a function of total score. That’s almost cheating… :smiley:

Why do you think we picked an RT Challenge for our first Challenge with a new Captain?

Cores/machines X days/hours logged = RunTime; regardless of production! The team that burns the most Electricity wins

With a little luck and a small refund from the electric comp. $455.00 US.:trophy: I will have 2 more duallies to add to the crunching effort. That will give me a total of 33.6 gigs. Wife said it was ok as I have reduced the our electricity consumption by about 30% over the last year.:Plot::devil::slight_smile: Plus to top it off after the SC comp, I will bring the whole she-bang to TPR. :tiphat:

Terrific news sujo!!!

As of tomorrow I’ll be adding 2 more GPU’s . I have my eye on an AM3 Mobo with Dual PCIeX16 slots and a PhenomII X6; 'tis the upgrade season!!!

BTW…I’ll be TPR@Docking@Home 100% 3/1/2011…with GPU’s if you have a place to put them!:tiphat:

I’m sure we can find a clear space around here… :smiley:

Nice one Sujo and look forward to your duallies joining the party :smiley:

@Sport That’s great news m8!! Thanks for your help :thumbsup: I’m crunching 100% WCG for SeriousCrunchrs when the PCs are fired up, but might not be able to keep it up for long as I might be coming out of the work contract I’m on and have no other work in the pipeline at the mo. I’ll keep going as long as I can…

I’ve got 8 cores running 100% WCG 24/7 until the end of the challenge…

@Egad… looks like I’ve :stomp: you on everything but points generated…

Yeah, but it took you two more cores than I have to do it :razz:


BTW… nice work!

@ Egad& Fiend…“8Cores…6 Cores…”?
I’m running 25 Cores for the Challenge and at 6600/Day RAC… I’m only # 3 or #4 !!!

When it’s over I’ll tally each users Runtime Contribution and Graph that

@ Droid…Every little bit helps; if you have to cut back, I’ll fill in for you D@H TPR in a few days… I’m actually excited about getting back to Docking, I’ve neglected my favorite project for over a year now (other Duties just keep calling) and need to go from User #120 back into the top 100!!!