TPR Update - December 2010



A long time since this function has been used to send out a message to all our
members. Well bumped by the time of year and some new things on the website that we
have implemented in the past few months, time for an update. TPR is now powered by
vBulletin publishing suite4, time to update those favourite links as the subdomain is no longer in use. We have new features of member
blogs, articles (writers wanted) and ofc the forums remain.

At our core, Distributed Computing, we have some excellent news to report, the
Folding Team has regained a place inside the top100. Congratulations to all those
who have joined the Folding@Home effort. Our Boinc team has continued strongly,
Docking@Home has passed the 90million credit and sits in second place worldwide, a
credit to the members who are making the effort. SETI continues to be strongly
supported, and we’ve now gone over 250million points reasonable recently, once again
a great achievement.

Our BOINC combined score is soon to pass 500million, an outstanding figure
considering the size of our members list. If you are not crunching, or have taken a
break, please drop into the crunching forums to say hello. A reminder link direct to
the “Crunchers Cafe”,

We have recently seen a number of members making great charitable efforts,
HiddenSpirit completed a “Pound for Pound” challenge for Rett UK, a charity that
helps support families of people with Rett Syndrome. If you can spare a few minutes
to read through her progress and hopefully donate to the cause I know she would be
extremely grateful.

Stuck on present this year? Not sure what to get? Well although I doubt they will be
ready in time for the 25th Dec, Drezha has been good enough to arrange some TPR
clothing prints. Those who have some of the original t-shirts and fleeces may need
an update, I know mine do, very well worn now! If you are interested in TPR
clothing, Drezha has asked for orders in the thread here,

One thing remains, and that is for me to personally wish every member of TPR a Merry
Christmas, I hope to see you on the new forums soon, and maybe using the blog and
albums features of the much improved vBulletin publishing suite we now have

Very Best Regards to all,


A little note with some bits and bobs going on in TPR. From the number of emails sent, there were a high percentage of mail failed. This has resulted in a number of accounts being deleted, if mailed failed, posts<10 and last login time >1year I’ve removed the account from the system. For others I have changed the option in the account profile to “Not receive email from administrators”.

It has also identified a number of spam accounts, ones with odd links in signatures, these have also had the account deleted.



Thanks for the updates DT. Shame about the lost souls, but that’s just the nature of forums. People come and people go, we lose friends but we gain new ones, so the circle is continually completing itself.


Thanks for the news update. Very nice to have a TPR summary. :thumbsup:

The only thing missing is an update on Heidi. Love to know how she’s doing.


I’ve left a few voicemails on the number I have for Heidi and haven’t received a response, her other haunts have gone quiet as well :frowning:

I’m hoping to get in touch with Mandy :xfinger:



Any news on Heidi?


a view voicemails left, but unlike the last couple of times she hasn’t surfaced :frowning:



Hope she’s ok :frowning:


I’m starting to get worried… hope she is ok.


:frowning: hope she is ok.


Me too. Hope she’s doing OK :xfinger: